Humboldt Arcata Eureka Come Join me for Some UMVC3


Trying to find anyone in humboldt county that up for some MAHVEL. No much of a scene up here and playing online sucks. My pad is pretty dope just give me a ring and well set up some matches. I’m on xbox, only got one good stick anyways just text me or car me to come chill and play some Marvels. Have a good one folks! 7075431493


Yo, I just moved up to Arcata you still down to play some casuals? also, do you know anybody else to play with?


YOOOOO!!! yeah new number but yes im still down! hit me up 7078363934


Alright that sounds cool. What part of Humboldt do you live in?


I’m ass at mahvel (Don’t even own it anymore), but I’m still stuck in Humboldt. I’m trying to get back into SF4 though. Injustice and School wiped away most of my skill, lol. I’m in Arcata. Email me if you’re interested.




Yo man. I don’t know if you’re still around, but if you or anyone else is still down for some local Humboldt games, MvC or ANYTHING, hit me up. I haven’t played “competitively” in a scene since Third Strike, but I’ve dabbled in online here and there. I own pretty much every major fighting game under the sun, 2d and 3d, two ps3/4/pc arcade sticks and a few fight pads. I’m a’ight. Currently bouncing around mid to high Ultra Bronze in SFV, but I’m down to play people of any skill level in any fighting game. Just craving some local fights. My friends are terrible and discouraged easily so they never wanna play anything but fuckin’ Smash. HMU.


Yo mcorvingtonm. I’m in the same boat as you. Played every capcom fighter since street fighter 2 up till sfV. I love playing mvc2 and sf3. Jut like you my friends are noobs and can only play smash4. I’m not to competitive but just lookin for some local matches. Hmu


Anyone still looking for matches on SFV I live in Arcata and play all the time I found two players from Humboldt on Reddit yesterday and have already played some online sets! But I’d love to get some kind of weekly local scene going up here