Humboldt - Eureka/Arcata?

Hey guys. Just moved up here to Eureka… was wondering if there’s any sort of scene going on up here at all?

Well, if I saw this thread earlyer, I’d have replied earlyer.

No. There is no scene whatsoever.
If there was, it’d be mostly bad players, because I haven’t heard of very many people who actually play any fighters up here.

Yeah went to college at HSU and there was never any scene to speak over aside from a couple friends. I moved away a few years ago, but i met a guy last time I went up for a visit. He was really enthusiastic about fighting games and it sounded like he had a group. Although I cannot remember the guys name but he was quite friendly and worked at the sunglasses hut in the Eureka mall. Sounds pretty weird to walk up to a guy and be all like “A dude on the internet told me you like fighting games lol” but he was nice and I am sure he would be excited to know there some more players around.

I know a guy in Arcata that plays some MW3. /drunkPost