Hummer's going be owned by a Chinese firm, maybe

damn . well i hate hummer anyway .

Inb4 compensation jokes.


China owns most of America anyway, so why not?

I wish small time businesses facing bankruptcy could get one percent of what GM vampired from tax payers. I’ve always hated GM, though. They bought out the majority of the public transit rails back in the early part of the 20th century and shut them down to sell more cars. I almost got ran off the road by a blonde with gigantic bug eye sunglasses on her cell phone, driving an H3 a few days ago.

who the hell is gonna buy a hummer? especially in this day and age when being green is cool.

This will be our first step towards world domination. America you have been warned.

The fact that a Chinese company wanted to buy Hummer is old news, but the fallout is new. Could care less though.