Humming noise from a CRT TV

Ok, my dad just got a CRT TV for free. Someone didn’t want it, now I see why. This thing makes a humming noise that my dad can’t hear. It’s cursed!

Basic question though, is this humming noise harmful? If it is how do I convince my dad that this tv is a piece of junk and should never be turned on again :(?


But honestly, that’s pretty common from old TVs. You can ALWAYS tell when they’re on from that noise they make.

Leaking capacitor will be my best guess. Not dangerous as long as you keep the casing on :slight_smile: Expect the picture to go wonky over time and the only way to fix the capacitors is to replace them…more work that its worth depending on the set.

Sounds like it’s about time to do a little sabotage work :slight_smile:

Is it a low hum or a high-frequency whine?