Hungary bans homelessness

Hungary bans homelessness



That’s not what your wife said.


why ban them? they are just hungary #pun

I confused here

I donated $5 to Wikipedia because I found that funny…

So wait… if you’re too poor to have a roof over your head, they’re going to punish you with… a FINE?


hungarians are renown for their conspicuously hot porn actresses, not their well thought out legislation.

Well at least you’ll be fed, clothed, and given a place to stay if jailed…
Homeless people there should pray they get jailed instead of fined.

If those hot Hungary porn girls end up homeless…they can move in with me in my grandma’s basement and we can play naked Magic: The Gathering until my 12am bedtime.

I’m so baller…

How do you ban something like that? That’s like making a law to ban breathing. This won’t stick.

How do they expect the homeless people to pay the fine? I’m very confused here.


nah nah see…you put a fine on it…and if they cant pay they go to jail…then their not homeless and have a job that will pay off the fine.

That…is brilliant.

No no no no. Don’t ban homelessness. That’s too hard to enforce. All you have to do is ban homeless people. They usually don’t even run that fast so as a bonus you could have a new holiday called catch a homeless bum day. Everyone wins. :tup: