Hungebee at SBO qualifiers

*How do I change the thread title? I spelled Hungbee wrong.

If you haven’t tuned in…Hungbee and ComboJack are about to go up any minute now…

And that’s why I think Viper-Hawk is 7-3 or 8-2.

You can’t say they aren’t equally skilled, so those are the real numbers.

Yeah, this matchup is extremely hard. I can’t stand it either. Are you back to play T.Hawk?

They’re up again in losers…

Not too shabby. Of course I was rooting for any and all Hawks, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if any of those top 3 won.

I think I said the same thing last year before EVO, but I figure I’ve put in so much time since Super release that I’ll play him at EVO this year, so I practice here and there but not like before. After EVO if I still enjoy the game I’ll pick someone else.

Awww, why not stick to T.Hawk? Idk how anybody else feels about him in AE, but the one thing I’m sure we all can agree on is that he’s a better character in this game. It’s not easy still, but I think T.Hawk can definitely be a legitimate threat at high level play, especially since he’s able to give Top Tier characters like Yun and Yang real problems.

It’s not THAT bad lol. I think that it’s 6-4 at the WORST.

I also have to say 6-4 in Viper’s favor at the very least, if not even.

What Viper was doing to Hungbee, she could do to practically any character.

Hawk can also advance through her ground punches with CS. EX CS beats her flame kicks since I believe someone mentioned it has a projectile hitbox.

Besides, it’ Latif! You think results would be any different if you were to pick a different character? LOL