Hungry player needs SBO partner :(

Alright, I’m leaving for Japan on the 11th, and I’m still without a SBO partner. I posted here because maybe someone can point me in the right direction or there is a good player without a team that i dont know about.) All I ask…is for you not to suck seriously. If anyone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. thx

Uh moo? LOL.

(Bring Eddie out of retirement)

Don’t keep up with SF4 news, but what happened to your west coast SBO qual partner Joe?

lol, I’m going to Tokyo, Japan tomorrow and I’m gonna try to attend SBO.
I play SFIV intensively but can’t really say if I’m partner material lol, would be awesome though >.>

Pay my way and I’ll beat on some Japanese casuals. That’s how it is. I’m a mercenary.


Art, maybe you should do a poll of the nominees you get here

Ironfist is the most solid Sagat ever seen…this guy never throws anything out of random…always very precise with his play.

team up with edma or ken i

if theyre in japan art :tup:

either one of them would be soo gdlk for your team

i thought Sanford was going to japan this year? why not team up with him

sf3lp joe n sanford arent going unfortunately

floe aka floecancel?

if you are looking for a ryu player ^^

not the best one,but not suck, or at least I hope so…^^

to let you know, even if it doesn t mean nothing, my max bp was more that 32000 with ryu.

if not, no problem ^^


I thought he mostly played SC


I mean he was the only one that beat you guys (you and Joe) at SBO quals.

My vote is in for Peter.

Good luck finding a partner bro. I wish you the best. Watching your Sim is like poetry in motion.

You mean when he canceled his dash and rolled instead? YES!

(jk i <3 u floe)


i would expect something such as this from an 09’er like myself but…

Dude, Combofiend WON the SBO quals. He’s going with Valle.

Art my advice is just to go with ranix or some other random japanese dude who will team with you. If no one will team with you you can prolly just find some random japanese hooker and she’ll have like 50k battlepoints

Art, best of luck to you in finding a good partner. I hope you get someone that helps you out.

I spent all my saves on EVO but I would have offered if I could afford to go.

Plenty of people on the EC that would be a great asset though.

Personally, I think Andre/Dr. Chaos/SkyeT are some of the most talented.

LOL. Kids in here don’t understand how SBO works.

In any event…I like Arturo by himself. :lol:

art you arent very specific in this.

what game do you need a partner in, and if its sf4, are you planning to do last chance quals?

and do you prefer someone already in Japan, coz if thats the case, Ricky is over there. Ironfist is as well.

I have a 5 step plan for you:

  1. Purchase cloriphorm and a burlap bag.
  2. Rather than flying to Japan, fly to Korea.
  3. Go to a Korean arcade with cloriphorm and a burlap bag. Leave arcade with Poongko.
  4. Sail to Japan.
  5. Profit.

All else fails, go to a Japanese arcade, wheel in a television, and put your money match against Daigo on a constant loop. You should have a partner in 10 seconds.