Hunt for the A-Series

Hey guys.

I am currently doing a complete modification to an old Hori stick. For overall completion, I decided to swap PCBs for best compatibility. Here’s the prob. The supposed SRKer’s choice PCB is the DualShock One PCB. I did some researching (of course) and found out the fastest and most convenient hack is SpiffyShoe’s solder-less mod (

I did a ton of Googling and eBaying and unfortunately, I cannot find the blue controller as described in the picture! I came across a ton of bootlegs and non-blue DS1s, but not the one in the picture. I did come across a light, light blue, but it has gray analog sticks and cord, unlike the black analog sticks and cord seen on Spiffy’s site. My question is, is the A series limited to the blue color? I read Spiffy’s page again and he mentions to look at colored DS1s. I came across a red DS1 and I think an emerald DS1… if anybody knows, is the solder-less hack limited to that elusive blue DS1? If not, anybody know a place where I can get one? My local sources do not have anything pre-PS2… which sucks. And lastly, am I all wrong, and is that gray button/cord blue DS1 an A-series?

Thanks to all who have read this far. Major thanks to those with more information.

the color doesn’t matter… he just reccomended the transparent-colored ones so you could see the ribbon terminal thing without opening it up.

Ah, so it’s a gamble then o_0, since I am going to order it online. Anybody have any confirmed colors… or is it all random?

The A-series comes in more than just blue, because I’ve hacked two of them using Spiffyshoes’ method and one was emerald green.

I’m pretty sure the light grey cord means PSone (not A-series). Black cord and square plug are good signs.

I have seen blue, green, charcoal (metallic) and red ones but its hard to say sometime what you’re going to get.

so far i’ve found 3 different ones at my local gamestop

what you’re looking for are PSX/PSone dual shock controllers with an A in the bottom right of the little rectangle in the back

Wait, so is the A-Series DualShock 1 or 2? I am confused here lol.

DUAL SHOCK 1 (for either PSX (old ps1) or PSone (new ps1))

I’ve heard that not all A-series PCBs will have the ribbon terminal.

^correct. it’s a bit of a gamble if you buy a non-transparent one.

On a similar note, does anyone have a guide for an H-series hack? I’ve had people put them in for me, but no tutorials to speak of.

I never said it was a DS2.

PSone and PSX are different things. I figured the PSone controllers didn’t have the ribbon terminal based on other posts I’ve read. Mine were PSX.

Wait, you mean like this PSX?

psx is ps1, psone is the tiny ps1

No… By PSX I mean the original Playstation, before PSone and PS2. I do know about that thing though.

Ok, I was getting kind of confused, because I know that PSX was the official name of that specific playstation that recorded TV and played ps1 and ps2 games, released in Japan. I just read up on it, apparently PSX was the original code name for the PS, but they didn’t actually call it that, it just stuck with some people, and was easier to type.

That clears up a good bit for me, I’d always assumed people were talking about that thing. (that almost nobody has ever seen here in the states)