Hunt the ragequitters and hatemailers

This is a serious attempt to band all the great players of marvel together for one cause. HUNT THE RAGEQUITTERS. If u know the who the ragequitters are post them. If u have gotten hatemail post them. Then everyone hunt them down til they never want to play again. Lets get em!!!

Lol people are going to rage quit, it happens in every game. Not much you can really do it about it, harassing them won’t really solve anything.

The worst part about people who play low tier in that game is that they just neutral jump away and call their assist and repeat x 100. So naturally if you pick low to play with them, it gets a little frustrating.

Don’t worry about it too much. As Mech said: It’s apart of online gaming. Even if you track a ton of ragequitters more will arise.

I can say without a doubt that I’ve faced a countless amount of ragequitters in Marvel 2, though. A few were even in the top 10 on ranked. I don’t even play God-Tiers, either.

So you plan to stop ragequitting with aggravated stalking?

Yeah, sounds like a plan to me. :rolleyes:

A few? MOST of the top 100 are ragequitters (aside from a legit few, of course). Some are actually good, but the rest just suck.

Anyway, it’s not like hunting down the ragequitters will solve anything. No amount of taunting, almost OCV’ing (since they ragequit), almost perfecting (ditto), throwing them around, etc. would stop them from ragequitting. Ragequitters never learn, apparently.

~ Sokloeum

This seems a little EXTREME to say the least

bad idea, if you run into someone like me, they’re gonna counter-stalk you and show up infront of your door with a baseball bat

There’s no point. If they RQ, don’t play them. It’s that simple.

LMAo I just read you guys post. You guys are right just a fun thought though lmao Funniest is when you kill cable then they pull the plug.

well I never defend them thats for sure but what these lowlives do is just make a new account and say nothing about it. I have no respect for anyone that does that type of crap and there is no excuse for it either.

If you are willing to do that in a free network where gaming so suppose to be fun and want to twist numbers in your favor proves how much of a life you have - none.

No descent gamer would reconigze you for respect unless their noobs who dont know better. In the real world your more than likely a loser that sleeps in the shelter or have plans to do it just to maintain a fake reputation.

All the gamers here tell you its takes time and practice to get good at this and any other game for that matter. The only thing a ragequitter can do is giveup and pull out the connections ( might do the same thing when talking to the opposite sex in real life too.)

Be a great player and fight on to the end and never give up and acknowledge your loss and give respect or ask questions if you want to know that bad. Gaming is suppose to help with communications skills to overcome difficulties if anything.