Hunting Hawk



So, how in the hell do you do this move? The first two hits are easy to get out but the third never comes out. I’ve tried chaining and linking and the 3rd part never activates.

I know it’s something stupid but I simply can’t figure it out right now.


It’s because the ender is light kick not heavy kick


In a lot of cases just do the first 2 then or something and cancel into special/super. (thats what I found to work well anyway)


Hrm, it clearly said h.k as the ender for it on the trials screen when I hit select to see the moves. I didn’t check the actual move list though. If that is the case then TY, it was something stupid. Of course whether it was the game or myself I’ll figure out tonight.


You need to do it rhythmically otherwise the last hit wiffs.

First two hits are done quickly then wait for second kick to connect like a split second after that hit the last button.


I’m pretty sure the first guy that responded has it right. I did all matter of timing on the kicks but I was ending with a HK and not an LK. So if he is right then that will solve the problem.


GAAGAHAHAHAHAHAHAH what an awesome solution. I’ll admit Ithought it was hk at first too.


It’s way better not to finish it and juggle afterwards anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah but if you’re opponent happens to duck it, do the last hit for a floor-bouncing overhead.