Huntington and Charleston WV, Ashland Ky, Portsmith OH


This Page is the regional thread for the KY/OH/WV tristate area’s fighting game community. There has never been a large fighting game community in this part of the country before and we are looking to build/connect/grow this area’s community. There is interest among players of setting up some type of regular meeting to play various fighting games. Please respond in this thread if you have any interest in playing fighting games with members of this community or contact me directly. We would also appreciate people spreading the word that there are in fact players ready to duke it out on the virtual battlefield.

Facebook group-

List of Contacts:
Name/Handle: Snadmonkey (Pat Riley)
Primary contact: Aim-snadmonkey
Phone: (304) 582 2457
Location: Huntington/Barboursville (exit 18 I-64)

Name/Handle: Travis Epic
Primary contact: Facebook-
Location: Wheelersburg, OH

Name/Handle: Psychoblue (Aaron)
Primary contact: AIM-Psychoblue9,
Phone: (804) 516-9396
Location: Huntington

Name/Handle: Shaowebb (Josh)
Primary contact: xbox-Dynasty Penguin
Location: Barboursville

Name/Handle: Uzeq
Primary contact: AIM-uzeq
Location: Huntington/Barboursville

Name/Handle: Matt L. and Ben G.
Primary contact: Prive contact via snadmonkey
Location: huntington


As someone that used to live in Gallipolis, I can tell you that you’re out of luck with trying to get people together. They do drugs 'round them parts, not focus attacks.


lol. Can’t blame you for trying, Riley.

I should really look into inviting the other two Huntington players I know of to our weekly game nights again.


Hello again peeps. i just wanted to stop through and leave a quick reminder about MWC and SBO Qualifiers this weekend. It is being held in TN for the first time this year and will be run by tourney vet Jason Wilson. Tourney info:
Tourney thread is here: ( I am posting this all over the regional threads so if you are interested/have questions contact me via any of the following methods as it would be nigh impossible to keep up with all of them and I want to make sure I get you all the info you need promptly:

-Post in current TN thread (It’s in Atlantic South)
-Post in MWC tourney thread
-Facebook - ( I’ll get you an invite to the event page ( as well. Info and updates will be posted there.


I’m in Wheelersburg,OH, can’t find anyone that plays except a select few at the college.


The main two guys I played with regularly have both recently moved to warmer climates. There are two other much more casual players here but I’d be willing to meet up and play and might be able to get 1 or 2 others to tag along.


Hi, I’m brand new to the Huntington area. I play MvC3 casually but am looking to improve :slight_smile:


Let me know whats up we can start a scene for the area.


So we have at least two people interested we should schedule a place/time to meet up. I presume some of us are busy on weekdays so I’m assuming a time on the weekend fri/sat/sun something like that would work best. Finding a place may be trickier. I’m ok with hosting some players at my place, I can comfortably fit about 5-6 in my place. Of course we could also hold the meetings elsewhere like Marshall or perhaps closer to Travis Epic etc. (Btw i live in Huntington/Barboursville area) I am pretty sure I can get one other to come, I have contact info for two others but I don’t know their schedules availability etc. If you guys let me know your relative availabilities like yes saturday no friday yes huntington no portsmith etc, then I can set up a place/time for us to meet and see how things go.

If you want some more infor or discussion etc my Aim is snadmonkey as well.


I work from home so I’m usually free as long as I prior notice (I’m a Family Man :P). I can most likely convince my wife to let people come out, we have a party about every other month or so, when the kids go to their grandparents. We usually have some Marvel or Smash going on ( we also play dance games and halo) so if you guys are down for that sort of thing we could get games in then too. I play on 360 mostly as my TE is for 360 but I have a PS3 if we ever need an extra one.

I’ve got a friend that plays casually but he has a decent ryu/sakura, there are also a few people that play MK,Tekken and Marvel at the College (Shawnee) but they are only around when classes are in.


I live in Huntington and haven’t had any comp since SixFortyFive moved to Alabama, and I’d love to share some SSFIV AE, Mahvel, and WWE All-Stars love (I’ve got Tekken 6 too but I don’t really play that). My AIM is Psychoblue9 and my MSN is Alternatively you can hit me up on my cell at 804-516-9396. I only have a PS3 though so I don’t have any tools to play 360 games.

I’m going to be busy with my practicum this fall, so the weekends might be the only time I can play. Hit me up and let’s get hype!


Dear god, Ashland is terrible. Should be renamed to KingsDaughters, Kentucky.
…Yeah, lived there for a looong time. No competition, no job market. GTFO.
I remember when the Mall’s arcade was sponsored by Namco. Not “Fun 4” whatever. =P


Are you talking about the Tilt in Barboursville? I remember being SO hyped when Tekken DR came there: this was before I got a PSP for the home release. Now it looks like they haven’t gotten a new game since then. They blew all their money on House of the Dead 4 which never ever worked and now it’s gone too.


Can catch me on facebook, . I use Raptr, I don’t really like AIM/MSN but whatever it takes I suppose. I’ve got the 360 side covered Marvel, SSFIV:AE, MK9, Soul Calibur IV, and MvC2. I just got rid of my Tekken 6 I bought it to play with my wife but she just plays MK9 now. She use to have a decent Yoshimitsu back in Tekken 3 & Tekken 4 days. Like I said I’ve got a PS3 but I buy most my fighters for the 360 because my Wife got me my TE stick for 360. I’ve got older fighting games too so if we ever wanna play some of those, I collect fighters even the bad ones :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got Smash/Brawl, Capcom Fighting Evolution, Soul Calibur III, UMK3, MK:A, Marvel Nemesis, Fighter Maker 2, Bouncer, and some others.


Was talking about the mall in Ashland.

Only thing to come form Huntington was Daniel & Irby. They were solid and nationally competitive back when Tekken 4 was at it’s peak. irby worked at the arcade in the Huntington mall. Since than, them, myself and every other serious competitive player has left the region.


//Jais thanks for the history lesson around the area. :stuck_out_tongue: Do you know any players that maybe still around? I’m not from this area originally so my connections are still pretty slim. I was born in Flint, MI raised in the Dayton,OH area, then moved to Indianapolis, IN then to Tulsa, OK then to here for school. I’ve been here for a few years but I haven’t done much besides work, school and family life. Also do you know of any decent spots that may still be around? I know Tilt has a bunch of older Fighters but any LAN centers or anything?


Wasn’t Irby a pump it up person. There was also Johnny Crowder right? Btw me and someone else in huntington use to be competitive in smash and there was 3 of us nationally competitive in marvel. So not everyone has left just the ones you know.


Snad maybe we should Organize the first post with a good introduction and a list of players/locations. It may help more people get interested, I can also start a Facebook group I have one for General Gamers in the Area but I figured I could make one for Fighters.


Sure I’ll make a list of information that I have at the moment tonight. If someone doesn’t want me to post something like your AIm or anything just tell me and I can scartch it.


All my crap is in my profile so I don’t mind