Huo Fenghuang (bizzare bootleg of Warriors of Fate)

Pardon me, I’m new here and I wasn’t sure where to post this, because this place is so big and a bit tricky for me to find my way around at the moment, but being that this place is partially for Capcom games, I thought I would share this with everyone. I recently picked up one of those Pandora’s Box arcade units with 800 games that you hook up to through the PC input on an HD television, and some of the games on there have duplicates of one another, and one of the duplicates is this bizarre bootleg of Capcom’s Warriors of Fate called “Huo Fenghuang”. It’s like Warriors of Fate with the music and some of the sound effects from Dynasty Wars (the prequel to Warriors of Fate), and the sound effects from Final Fight. The music seems to randomly change whenever you hit something, and it plays DW’s level completion theme whenever you pick up an item. Just some of the strange things that happen in this version. See for yourself:

Hi. I was just browsing on this topic and stumbled upon your thread. Thats crazy. It reminds me of a time where SFII had their Accelerator Ver. I wonder, because the language is spoken in Chinese, there may have been a licensing issue.

I love this game. I still play it till this day on the Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle.