Hurricane Check In Thread: Florida GD People, Please Check in during Irma so we know you're good


Hopefully anyone who is enduring this hurricane is ok, I’m just chilling on the inside not to much is happening, the only thing so far is that my power went off like 3 times but my internet is ok. I hope everyone on SRK is ok.

If you need help in the affected counties, 911 may not be working, please call one of the following:

If you need help because of weather related unemployment:

Additional assistance with employment situations:


Better not come to NY. We ain’t having none of that hurricane shit anymore. Beat its ass before it even comes close to land.


Nope its never going up north again lol but you guys must have pissed it off because now it is heading for the south! O_O


Some rednecks were shooting their 9mm last night, presumably at Harvey.


I went on a cruise to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel (island of Mexico) just last week and seemed to miss it. Originally was supposed to go to Roatan first, but the weather risk was too high so they rerouted to Cayman instead.

Word is this week another cruise ship is now stuck in the water because of the storm. Guess I missed that one.


Its been hitting my side of Texas since last night.
I’m further inland, in between Houston & College Station.

My younger brother and his family is in Corpus Christi, so he got the majority of it. Thankfully, they all made it out alright and just lost power.


All the bottled water is gone here, just gonna drink code red


Projected forecast models as it travels inland:


Dem comments are golden are per usual.


Yeah this rain need to stop with it’s bullshit. Street already flooding.


Harvey here to stay bruv. Can you swim?


Thank you Based Harvey, for allowing me to legit miss work, to watch the new English dub MHA episode of Frog Waifu’s hero internship, to try out PTR Mercy aka AC1Mercy in Overwatch, DBZ Super episode 105, and recently to see Floyd TKO McGregor!!


This guy is actually EMP Triforce, not me.


Why your welcome my friend…I have to apologize tho


not gonna lie, rain and wind was a lil rough on the way home this morning. had me shook driving like 30 mph on the highway lol


Watching shitty dubs?

Harvey please drown this simpleton.



My Hero Academia dub is top tier son!!!


Dayum, that hurricane is running train on Texas. And I barely moved out of houston a month ago too haha



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