Hurricane Irene: How to Parry that ****

Update: If you live in NYC ZONE A ( you must evacuate. Zone B should strongly consider it. I repeat, ZONE A MUST EVACUATE AS ORDERED BY MAYOR BLOOMBERG, don’t risk your life.

So Irene is mashing all over the East Coast so lets post some strats on how to parry that noob.

I will try to edit the thread as much as possible.


  1. If you live in an area vulnerable to flash floods you MUST evacuate. It’s like a fighting game, you’re winning and you don’t have much time left on the clock, there’s no shame in runaway to run out the clock and stay safe.
  2. A foot of water is enough to carry a car and it may be deeper than you think, don’t risk it.
  3. Taller buildings are at higher risk, you may have to evacuate to floors below 9 or 7, depending on the structural integrity of the building. Follow instructions and stay aware.
  4. If you happen to be on a train, only exit if instructed by official orders, aka train crew, police, etc. Watch out for that larger third rail. Also pay attention to see if any obstructions/damage to the third rail may put other areas at high voltage risk.
  5. Beware of lightning. If you’re indoors, remember that pipes and stuff can carry that ultra into your house, so be cautious of water faucets and stuff like that unless you want FREE written on your grave. If you’re outdoors, try to stay low to the ground and away from objects such as trees. Simply put, don’t try to be a lightning rod and don’t go near any either.

Basics to have:

  1. One gallon of drinking water per person per day.
  2. Non-perishable food. Don’t forget the can opener for canned stuff to avoid a FML moment.
  3. Store all important documents in safe waterproof container. Make copies and store copies in separate safe waterproof container.
  4. Battery operated AM/FM radio and flash light. Don’t forget extra batteries.
  5. First aid kit and other special care items.
  6. Map and contact list. If you have to evacuate, know where to go, how to get there, and who to contact.
  7. A backpack or something you can quickly take that can fit the above in case you have to get out.

Other preparations:

  1. Bring items such as garbage cans indoor.
  2. If items are unsafe to bring inside, secure them properly.
  3. Continuous lightning storms will put not only your electrical devices but you at risk as well. Instead of using your faucets, have spare empty water gallon containers or those large plastic bottles from two liter+ soda or juice and store water in them. Be sure to have a lot of extra water (separate from drinking water) also in case your house might lose water. You will need some to quickly wash your hands (can keep the cap carefully partially on a 2 liter bottle or burn a small hole in it so you get a small steady stream) but the most important reason to have a lot extra would be to flush the toilet.
    EDIT: Great tip from National Weather Service for NYC: Use your bath to store water to flush the toilet.

That’s off the top of my head so far. I’m not going to evacuate because my house is not vulnerable to floods but I will have to deal with other things that may result such as tornadoes, power outages, etc. I’m not too good at following the basic, so far what I have is a week worth of food and water for me and my pet. My pet can’t travel so I’m staying with him. I will probably experience a power outage Saturday night and it will probably take ConEd 2-4 days to restore and won’t be posting on SRK.

Screw the hurricane. I got tons of beer and I normally buy canned food at the hmart because I like it. I have several UPS devices at home due to my home network so bring it.

make sure to block the first hit, then red parry the second and super cancel hugo super.

My technique is strong. I just live in Canada where natural disasters only happen when a forest catches fire

I’m kind of hoping by the time it’s over I get to play real life Left 4 Dead

The sweet irony of living in FLUSHING

Sounds like a decent level

I live in mid-PA, I think I’ll just have a decent storm for a day. Still, great tips, it’s good to get this around.

Don’t forget to stock up on hurricane chow and pineapples!

full parry or free ultra obama will bail me out win/win situation

High five. Going to be monitoring servers at all sites, probably won’t sleep. Limited access is not unexpected during the given conditions and utilization shouldn’t be too high anyway since people should be doing other things.

We still don’t have enough data on this match up. Irene might force even Daigo to jump.

I’m still updating the first post. If anyone has any ideas, post up.

Aww, you little New Yorkers scared?

It’ll probably hit you as a Tropical Storm AT BEST.
But the storm is so big that flooding is probably the biggest concern, regardless of the winds.

Georgia coast is 10-0 vs hurricanes, permanent Aegis Reflector on it blows them up for free.

Stay safe homies. I can deal with Hurricanes in Puerto Rico but, I don’t know about going through a hurricane in NY or DC, sounds kinda whack.

Title made me lol. But dam New york has never had something bad as this !

Stop being soft. This shit finna be food. Real New Yorkers would declare Irene as cake. She just a side-ho anyways

She’s too big to push down the stairs. Need bigger stairs.

Power outages are no joke. If the MTA isn’t on point, getting into Manhattan Monday morning will be gridlock.

For those unfamiliar with NYC infrastructure, even minor rain storms can halt train traffic and cause flooding.

Hence why residing uptown is supreme. If shit gets crazy hazardous I can dip to my moms crib in Mount Vernon

I could counterpick Irene, but I’m gonna stick with my main and just lame it out. I got enough life and meter to handle it.

if this is just like a fighting game half of srk will die


Parry parry parry.