Hurricane Irene: How to Parry that ****

I can just picture them tryin bare j.HK combos on the hurricane and gettin blown up haha.

Lol “FREE on your grave” I dont know what kinda situation it’s gonna be here in Henderson, NC…I hope we dont get jack diddly.

Hope Greensboro is ok too.

i still feel like this is as ridiculous as when ppl from the south raid walmart over .5 inches of snow.

looks on in fear as you continue to parry successfully


We started losing people in Florida this afternoon, which made tech support oh so awesome

“why is my web down?”

“ummm cuz there is a super hurricane all over your ass.”

omg i cant parry this ultra

This thread is worthless without mvc3 storm jokes

We playing one and done single elimination. If you get KO’ed you’re done.

Niggas can barely block trijumps, you think they can handle a hurricane? Lmao.

Hurricane Irene playing mad runaway against the inner part of EC, but RTSD’s the coast of EC with Rain Storm DHC Hyper Wind Force for 90%

Except drought…

Frame data, hit box and hurt box data available for Irene yet? :sweat:

Stay safe and don’t stay free, east coast.

damn, Drought just sounds OP

Yea, I hope everyone stays safe, even the ignorant people.


Close enough I think

We sleep on hurricanes in Virginia.

I gotta go to GS tomorrow in the afternoon. Lucky me. Better not be ANYBODY in the damn store. I hope the earthquake wasn’t just to soften up Virginia for the Irene chip damage.

Get someone in Japan, China, or Korea to do a cover of it.

^lol I was gonna do that joke but thought against it…and also there’s a chance it would then become ‘EIRINE’ (eh-ee-rin) in the cover