Hurricane Kick combo trouble



DA GAME has been playing with Sakura as of late & DA GAME has been having trouble comboing a standing jab after her hurricane kick.Which version of her Hurricane Kick can be comboed into the jab.Here’s the combo DA GAME is trying to pull:Jumping Fierce>Crouching Strong>Hurricane Kick>Standing JabXXLevel 2 Midare Zakura.

Someone help DA GAME out here.


DA GAME should be using the HK Hurricane Kick. If DA GAME is too far away after the Hurricane Kick, the jab will miss. Jumping with Fierce makes it harder, and chances are, DA GAME will never land a deep jumping Fierce against a good player. DA GAME should try crossing over with MK, then c.MP/s.MP into HK Hurricane Kick. Other than that, just practice the timing.


IM having the same prob.
i was watching the vid done by XYZ, and he does it. so i know it can be done.
but GOD!!!
Its soooooooooo annoying, i cant do it.
BAS or XYZ if you see this HELP!!!
OR of course if anyone else has a tip feel free. :smiley:


While the s.Jab adds a whole new depth of damage after the combo, it’s REALLY hard to link, so unless you’re bent on practicing it and getting it down pat, don’t try it.


Well…I’ve been mastering this too and timing and distance are very important!!
Anyway,Lk can also be use instead of Lp.:slight_smile:


Ive tried to combo that many times and i havent gotten it once :sweat:


I don’t find it THAT hard. Hell, I find Rolento’s s.LP to c.MK link harder than this one. I think I get it about 75% of the time. If not, I just don’t do the DP/CC followup, and I’m still safe (and I keep momentum to boot).

Listen to the Hurricane Kick for the rhythm. It’ll hit three times, with the same time interval between them. You want to time the jab so it’s a tiny bit slower than the rhythm of the first three hits…

The dashes represent the length of each time interval:
HIT- - - - - HIT - - - - - HIT - - - - - - Jab.


I got rolentos s.wp into a few tiems when i tried to practice it. i practice all my shit at the arcade cuz i dont have it at home right now . . . the speed im playing at is prolly an issue with my timing of shit like sakuras huricaine into jab


anyone ever see a vid of BAS(?) startin the CC after the hurricane kick? ive tried doing it, and im pretty succesful at linkin jab after, but i can never activate CC and keep the combo meter goin… any help?


After the standing jab, Activate, crouching forward, standing roundhouse, HP Dragon Punch…
Then, if you can do the jab after the hurricane kick, just put them together…
I’m not sure how BAS does it, but that is how bokchoy does it.


so, wats the timing on the jab, activate, low mk … is it jes like timing a fierce after jab?


Once the jab ends, activate ASAP. Once the activation ends, low forward ASAP.


Best way.

Do the lp. ACTIVATE RIGHT after, soon as you do lp. then do standing hp. continue CC. Its easy. but doing two links in one combo = pain in the ass.


question… i think sak’s uppercut super is faster or just as fast as a jab, so why can’t you just do roundhouse hurricane kick and do the super directly at the end… does the jab cancel stun or is it just a lot faster then a super?


I guess you can say the jab “cancels the stun.” The super does not Link after the Round House hurricane kick.

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guys…how long did it take you to get this combo down? i tried for an hour to do the hurricane kick into jab and only got it once…i tried doing that thing, listening to the rhythm of the kicks…maybe i have no rhythm, but is there something i’m doing wrong? is there some trick to it that i dont get?


Trick is to watch the other person, hit them as they recover, you should get a knack for spotting when you can hit.


um, this link isn’t easy but it’s not that hard either…
i think you guys are mostly messing up cuz you’re trying to get the jab out too soon
i normally try to time it so that i wait a TINY bit longer than i think i should…
even if you DO start getting this link down, it’s not really worth the risks (unless you can get it like 99% of the time).
sure you get that extra damage from the jab, dp (or jab, activate), but there are some really bad things that can happen if you mess up the link:

  1. you time it too early and NOTHING comes out. you end up standing surprised for a split second (because you expected something to happen) and hope that your opponent doesn’t take advantage of the situation
  2. you time it too late and the opponent blocks the jab, dp. well you just got yer fierce dp blocked… good luck hoping yer opponent doesn’t make you pay for that

now i know that those situations can be avoided assuming you react fast enough in (1) NOT to be caught just standing there idle for a split second, or in (2) NOT going for the dp if you see that the jab is blocked, but those kinda reactions aren’t easy to get use to either

i only go for this link when i’m either playing the comp, or beating the crap outta my opponent and i could stand to eat a combo or two if i mess up.
it’s not too practical if you ask me…

oh yeah, if you REALLY wanna link jab to activation just do something like crouch short, stand jab, activate, etc…
it’s way easier to control and execute than trying that shit outta the rh hk


anybody has a video on sakura…?


ok I have a problem:

My 2 days old A Sakura can’t do the CC (DB+HP chain to s.jab)
I does around 1/10…(not bad for 1 day of training :)) However, I always thought I have to press the s.jab exactly when sakura land her right foot to the ground (the foot she used to kick)… At first…it work twice in a row. Then it just keep missing (it still hit but dosent count as a combo, although it looks and sound exactly like the s.jab that can chain)…someone help? I really suck at listening rythme…I try to close my eye but it makes the situation worst. It would help if you can tell me when to press (which frame should be). Im sure im VERY close ot have it but im just missing something :wink:

btw: what does DP means?? I saw that often when people ask question abt A-sakura’s cc…(is it forward down forward??)