Hurricane Kick combo trouble



DP=dragon punch motion.


Hey guys im not perfect at linkin the rh.k spin kick into the jab but a trick i use 2 link into it is 2 wach her legs. As soon as her legs are set hit jab it should link.


Total Times tried: Roughly 50
Total Times succeded: 4
Total Losses due to obbession: 17

At this rate, I think I’d save money by just buying an arcade joystick for the PS2 and practice at home.


After a little experimentation and some hunches, I sorta figured out the timing for the link (I’m assuming it’s either 1-2 frames because it’s a Jab from a RH move) but it’s either (you can use either cues) as soon as the opponent recovers from the Hurricane Kick hit stun animation and ENTERS the Jab/Short hit stun animation OR as SOON as Sakura’s foot furthest from the opponent hits the ground (too early = no go)

After using those cues, I’ve been able to go from not even getting the Jab to come out to a rough 3/6 times.


i think this has more to do with the amount of time you have to input a command after the hurricane kick, the machine does not accept commands until the hurricane kick has completed so “if” it is at all possible you would have to use a programable stick. i could be wrong though.


Whats her best CC?