Hurricane Polymer Thread

Polymer is my dude now and forever.

Here’s the quick run down of his specials & all that good stuff


He takes a step forward & kicks 4 times. On it’s own it does around 2350 damage, but depending on how many hurricane symbols you have, you can cancel the kicks into his other specials, or another set of kicks. Holding down the button after doing the kicks will activate hurricane pose after Polymer steps back.


Hurricane Pose. This move will add a symbol above your super meter. While in the pose, each attack button does a different move

–:snka: - Polymer will slide low, doesn’t knockdown

–:snkb: - Polymer throws a backfist, knocks back on hit.

–:snkc: - He dashes forward & grabs. Techable of course

In addition, a couple of Polymer’s normals cancel into hurricane pose if held down. Some of these include :snkc: & dash :snkb:

:dp:+:snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:, then :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:, then :qcb:+:snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:

A pair of rising kicks, then a backflip that knocksdown. The 2nd kick will whiff on block.


Two punch chain that bounces them off the wall. On block the 2nd punch won’t come out.
A level 1 grab super. Can be done in the air. Note that it’s not instant

:snka:+:snkb:, :snka:+:snkb:, :snkb:+:snkc:
Level 1 Drill super

:qcf:x2+:snka:+:snkb: w/ 3 Hurricane Symbols
Level 3 super, hits close range for big damage



Everything sort of braches from :snka::snkb::d::snkb::snkc:. If you’re near the wall hold back to buffer the charge punch for a higher damage wall combo. If you’ve got hurricane symbols you can cancel rapid kicks into charge punch or rising kicks for more damage, etc, etc. Of course you can activate Baroque at the end of that string

I’ll prolly add some more to this section later

I haven’t worked much in terms of assist combos yet.

I think that’s pretty good to start with, haven’t heard anyone else talking about him

you forgot to add his other 2 supers.

his 360 which can be done in the air also.

and his tank super.

Good assist for him are Ryu, Roll, Tekkaman…basically anyone that helps him to extend his combos.

Ill mess around him more, he seems really good now.

Im finding a way to use yatterman-1 assist with him, so if anyone knows a way, post it here please.

Combo into 360 reset (Thanks keits)

launcher, j.a, j.b, j.b, JC, j.b j.b xx 360 plus 2 attack buttons.

subscribed! i finally found out this guys name. his combos are super easy and looks pretty sweet.

i still don’t know who to partner him up with.

So yeah, :r::snkb: is his little command spin, which provides a lot of options for pressure & mixups. You cancel all of his ground :snka:'s & :snkb:'s into this, which will usually mean crossing the other player up. Note that this isn’t particularly safe, they can just mash out lights when you spin & catch you.

Personally I’ve been using Casshern with him, as Casshern’s assist hits OTG, and can setup some good tick throws & the like. Pretty much working with stuff like :snka::snkb::snkd::d::snkb::r::snkb: so that when Casshern comes out & does his thing, you’ll be on the other side, either going for a tick or hurricane pose or whatever. On Casshern’s end, Poly assist holds him it down long enough to try & land the unblockable thunder knuckle, and can juggle into the DP super.

Ground 360 super is buns, it can be jumped on super flash with no problem at all, and so far as I can see can’t be comboed. Apparently, it also works on different rules when it comes to ticks, since in situations w/ Casshern assist where you can throw, 360 super just whiffs. But the air one is where it’s at, as posted earlier, air resets into 360 work great.

Drill super, I dunno, there are probably setups but I haven’t messed w/ it enough.

^thanks for the tips. i’ve been wanting to know when i call the assist. do i call assist while standing :snkb: is coming out?

thought i might add a basic baroque combo that i’ve been using.

:snka:, :snkb:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :qcf::snkc:, BAROQUE, :snkb:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :df::snkc: launcher

Ok his standard combo into reset 360 grab:

2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, 3c, j.a, j.b, j.b, JC, j.b j.b xx 360 plus 2 attack buttons.

This seems to do half or just under on nearly all of the cast, is their any way the opponent can escape it? Other than burst.

After 30 minutes of dicking around with him in training mode, I can safely say he’s the most fun designed character in any fighting game ever. The Hurricane Pose cancels/feints/mixups are so awesome, and his combos are just too damn cool looking. The first time someone freestyled a 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, kicks special, Baroque, 5B, 2B, 5C, kicks special, kicks special, kicks special, kicks special during one of our matches was pure magic.

I still can’t perform Polymar Drill no matter how hard I try to input the combination sequences. :frowning:

I stumbled onto this one when I was playing at my friend’s yesterday. :rofl:

Polymer is a sweet character!!!
I have only one set up for the drill and it involves the Genie.(although I doubt anyone else will use him)
Genie: 2.a, 5.b, 5.b xx qcf+2attacks. Now in Genie’s super there are 5 hits. After the 4th hit they are in a dizzy animation. Cancel now into the drill for a lot of damage.

Everyone I played last night hates me for the combo into grab reset.

Its too awesome, it would be a sin not to use it

I think have have at least an 80% combo (probably 100% against karas) with ryu as assist, and 20% red health for baroque. I feel the 20% is a reasonable amount to have. Pretty common in a match. I may post video later

saw someone do something like this at the arcade a couple days ago. comboed into that kick special move and did it like 4 times. is that an infinite or youre limited to how many kick specials you can pull off?

its limited to how many duck symbols you have. Theres a limit of 3 duck symblos, so it cant be done more than 4 times. Altough you can baroque the last set of kicks and continue your combo, or do 3 sets of kicks and ending with the Wallbounce punch into dash :d: :snka: :df: :snkc: into aerial rave.

Don’t know if anyone has messed around with his V.combo when he’s the assist (any super ~ partner), but his comes out as the drill super. I haven’t fully messed around with it, but if you do a super that’s pretty short, you’re free to move around and attack your opponent, while Polymar will still be doing the drill super.

I used Batsu, did his fireball super and V.combo’ed it. Batsu ended his animation while Polymar was going through the first wave still.

This right here could lead to a free combo. Batsu is free to attack the opponent while Polymar is still drilling them, and since the drill is fucking huge and distracting, Batsu can mix up highs and lows to start a combo. Might not be all that useful as it takes up 3 supers to do a V.combo, but is interesting enough to note.

Also something to note is that you can combo :l::r: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:into Drill super, though it might be range specific (depending on where the opponent hits the wall).

I messed around with this some earlier. It seems like it’d be pretty good, only concern I have is with them jumping out between the two passes.

I got it to work pretty easily with Morrigan’s beam super to fill the gap and still allow time for pressure.

Alright, there is a way to combo the air 360. If you do the DP kicks during an aerial rave, and super cancel to 360, it will catch them as they’re falling. They need to be at a certain height during the rave but it’s not so hard.

So basically this, 5A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, j.A, j.B, j.B, jc, j.B, j.B, 623P, P, 214P, 360PP. That’ll net you 46 hits & around 2400-2500 dmg

:snka::snkb::d::snkb::snkc::df::snkc::u::snka::snkb::snkb::u::snkb::snkb::dp:+:p:,:p:, :qcb:+:p:, 360+:p:

Honestly this might do less damage than a reset into 360. I’ll have to try it

honestly it prolly does do less, but supercancelling



is badass

good find, dude. :tup:

he can combo 46A off of his standing C, which wall bounces for more combos

you can do stuff like:

ground chain -> assist -> run up ground chain -> use all your ducks -> baroque -> run up ground chain -> 46A -> run up chain to launch -> air combo into grab super

you can get a total of 33000+ in his combos pretty easily. seems to be the current most-damaging character in the game

It actually does more, as I’ve found out. The DP kicks make up for the damage lost by super cancelling, so it does a little bit more, something like 150-200