HVGL SF4 Tourney April 26th 09


Round 1

Josh P. > Michael R. (new)

Chrisz0r > Brandon P. (new)

LevIIDX > Mike F (new)

Shin-Hidoshi > Ryan H.

JBmoney > Needle Knife

Devin S. > John O. (new)

David P. > Aaron M.

Dagger G. > Taylor

Round 2 Winners

Josh P. > Chrisz0r

LevIIDX > Shin-Hidoshi

JBmoney > Devin S.

Dagger G > David P.

1st round losers

Michael R. > Brandon P.

Ryan > Mike F.

Needle Knife > John O.

Aaron M > Taylor

2nd Round losers

David P. > Michael R.

Ryan > Devin S.

Shin-Hidoshi > Needle Knife

Aaron M. > Chrisz0r (forfeit)

3rd round losers

David P. > Ryan

Shin-Hidoshi > Aaron M.

Semi final winners

Josh P. > LevIIDX

Dagger G > JBmoney

Semi finals losers

David P. > JBmoney

LevIIDX > Shin-Hidoshi

Final winners

Josh P. > Dagger G

Final Losers

Dagger G > LevIIDX

Grand Final

Josh P. (BLANKA) > Dagger G (GUILE)

  1. Josh
  2. Dagger G
  3. LevIIDX
  4. David P.

the rest dont mean nothin…LMAO

videos to come.

fuck tier lists!

GG’s to those who were there. I only stayed for the casuals but looks likes it ended up being a success. I’ll try to enter the next one.

God damn, the finals of the HVGL mirrors the finals of Guam’s SF4 league.

My Guile losing to a Blanka in the grand finals.

We got way more players (40+) but I’m pretty sure the level of skill in Hawai’i is higher than what we’re seeing over here.

Keep repping that Guile Dagger_G! You kicked my ass when I went on vacation over there and you kicking ass at California regionals gives me hope for the family man!

Well this game can be heavily matchup dependent, no matter how some folks may want to disagree.

A few of our sf4 players didn’t make it to this event (like our best Sagat player). It seems like the attendance was high though. I’ll try to show up for the next one. Good stuff on organizing the event.

peter- i really wish i had gotten the chance to meet you and play you. Maybe next time or just add me to xbl and psn

Joo- i wish you, dan hibiki and th e others could have made it. Did you get wond of the HYPE announcement?

Also i want to get an aizem bison vs dagger g guile match recorded so i can put it to DISTURBED’s song indestructible. Lmao