Hwoarang Vortex






I’m actually really surprised noone has replied to this. This is a really clever find. If i decide to cross up after a knockdown I’m usually just jumping around the place like an idiot or making it really obvious with a dash into jump and always wonder how the damn shotos manage to cross me up so easily.

Thanks for posting this!


Thanks a bunch dude! I have some other technology I would like to post, but I’m limited due to the fact I need to use one hand to record.


Are you on XBL? We could record it in the briefing room?


Nope. PSN dude ): I’m going to try and record/post this cool mixup off of a cr.Mk anti air though. So look for that up here in a few hours!


Damn. :frowning: Well ask around here, as people need to see such great techniques!


This is legit.

I don’t think it’s 100% new because I’ve fought a couple of Hwoarangs before who were doing the same roll reset after ground bounce but I had no idea he could hit in front or cross-up like that. And with a good read he can still cover the roll option with an ambiguous back jump so it seems pretty good. Only thing that makes this vortex not as strong is that it’s not a safe jump and thus can lose pretty easily to some DPs. But for characters with poor reversal options it can be a nightmare to defend against.

Watching this video makes me even more scared of Hwoarang and I was already pissing my pants before. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, the cross up option (option 1) will cause reversal DP’s to whiff or itll even stuff em out. I’ve only tested it on a few characters. So far, all versions of shoto dp’s whiff or get stuffed (depending on how hard they’re mashing), Sagat’s MP and HP tiget uppercut whiff. All versions of cannon spike whiff. It stuffs Guiles flash kicks. And so far the only thing that I’ve tested that beats it consistently is Sagat’s lp tiger uppercut. lol.



Here’s that other tech I was talking about dude. Still wondering about the effectiveness of this. It might end up being a gimmick :stuck_out_tongue: lol


It’s a nifty little trick to have, I don’t think it can be abused though. :stuck_out_tongue:


How do yall find this kind of stuff??? Maybe I need to stop being a casual scrub and put some work in. Need 2 Stop playing Borderlands all damn day lol.

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music to my fucking EARS! lol


I think this looks great, but tricky to pull off spur of the moment. I havent tried it though so i could be wrong.(plus, I’ve always been terrible at anti-airing in general lol)
Have you used it in actual matches yet?

EDIT- I gotta say, how you come up with this stuff blows my mind. You, sir, have ‘The Gift’ lol


It’s really not too hard too pull off. Just buffer the special step while you input the cr.MK and it’ll come out if it hits. You normally want to do this against jump happy opponents from about midscreen. One way I like to use this is when you put them in the corner. Once you knock them down and they’re in the corner, predict a tech roll. Do a jump back HK or MP. If it hits, you combo them and the situation resets. If they didn’t roll and your move whiffs, then you’re still good. Stay at around the range you landed in and wait for them to jump (because they will), then hit them with the cr.MK xx Special step and do your shinnanigans. That’s usually when I like to use it. Of course you risk them blocking it or dp’ing you and end up putting yourself in the corner though lol. but it’s really fun to pull off!


reat videos zuurkkk! I was practicing some stuff with Hwoa, and this is just great! I was already thinking about what you can get off of the AA c.MK too :-p

EDIT: I don’t think it works on Vega’s super.


The aa cr.mk doesn’t work against people mashing jab. I used to do this a lot but it gets annoying when they could just mash. But this first vid is now apart of my gameplan good fucking shit. Also can anyone actual combo after f.mk I swear its impossible?


Right, so this technology is amazing. Actually just made me pick Hwoa up again after messing with Duds for a bit.
But nothing of this messes up rolls, correct?
Have you got any tech for messing up rolls? I’m sure I read before about using lk air raid…

@KingD: nope, no chance :slight_smile:


You can do cr.mk + Dynamite heel dash cancel. It cross down too and you are “safe” vs jab


I’ve tried that too but it still doesn’t seem to put u at advantage tho when I used to aa wit cr.mk I used to cancel into dh a lot just for the pressure and every once in a while I would cancel into a dash it worked pretty well for a while until people started just dping a lot on me. Don’t get me wrong tho u could still bait the dp just fine and its a good mixup but just not the type of mixup id want to put myself into


What are you doing against rolls? Lk HH? Any setups?