Hwoarang's Alternate Costume



So I get that his Swap Costume is supposed to be Deejay, but his actual Alt… What is that? Surfboarder? Male Model? I don’t get it.


It is DeeJay inspired. Dreadlocks, the pants with Maximum, the colors. What’s wrong with the costume? I actually really like it. Better than Juri’s awful swap.


I think he knows the Swap is Deejay. I’m not too sure what his alt is myself but to be honest, I like the Deejay Swap more than this.


I think the opposite lol. Juris is amazing compared to Hwoarang. Really unhappy with the deejay one, the style doesnt fit hwoarang a tiny bit. Out of all the characters it had to be deejay :frowning:

Not exactly sure what his second is supposed to represent but they should have gave him his TKD outfit.

With that said, how do you guys color your hwoarangzzz?


Hwoarangz haunting hawk that he does looks alot like deejays kick


I made my guy look like Bob Marley


I borrowed the look from someone online… But basically he’s got Goku’s colors.

while he’s being backed up by She-Hulk (Julia)


I dunno, I think it’ll look good if I recolor it.


He recently discovered Deejay’s music and became a instant fan…its in the costume bio.


Not the costume I’m talking about…


Horrendous alt.

Was his TKD outfit too boring to add?

Can’t go wrong with what he debuted in…