"Hype Overload!" Augusta SUPER Tournament 4 Results!

Wow… just wow - Thats all I have to say for now lol - I’m posting this after just getting back home from that “fantastic” i-hop dinner and the only thing I have to say for you all is that: “you just had to be there”

Augusta SUPER Tournament 4 Full Results:

Super Street Fighter IV:

  1. ShinkuuR (Rose)

  2. TooMuchDamage (Rufus, Dudley)

  3. Cardell (Chun-li)

  4. Isaac Greene (Sagat, Claw)

  5. Druseph (Honda)

  6. Byron the fresh’ (Guile, Viper)

  7. Alvien (Dictator)

  8. Nato (Ryu, Akuma)

  9. KillaJerv

  10. Cloud9Zero

  11. Chris Greene

  12. Kidd

  13. Aztec Bronze

  14. Chris Barnes

  15. Joel

  16. Yohan

  17. Kiyo

  18. Heavyweight

  19. Dr. Hat

  20. Sora

  21. Angel

  22. Electric

  23. Noez

  24. Excited Beast

  25. Jones

  26. Kimchi

  27. Jaguar

  28. ButtonMasher

  29. Dreamboat

  30. Umadaughter?

  31. Genga Coos

  32. Simplekiss

  33. Parris

  34. Melvin Bison

  35. Exile

  36. DJ “Tea-Bag”

  37. Liquigen

  38. Ky

  39. Pint Sized Provalone

  40. Narwhale Cupcakes

  41. Custom Shrew

  42. Paco

  43. Juan Solo

  44. Tsu Makoto

  45. Evan

After-Tourney Event:

Team “Augusta” vs Team “Everybody-Else” 10 vs 10

in order of play

“Team Augusta”

  1. Nick Provalone
  2. Paco
  3. Coos
  4. Heavyweight
  5. Yohan
  6. Electric
  7. Kidd
  8. Sora
  9. Kiyo
  10. Druseph

Team “Everybody-Else”

  1. Umadaughter?
  2. Cloud9Zero
  3. KillaJerv
  4. Ky
  5. Chris Greene
  6. Isaac Greene
  7. Alvien
  8. Cardell
  9. TooMuchDamage
  10. ShinkuuR (never plays)

Team “Everybody-Else” beats Team “Augusta” 10 - 8

  • this team tourney was probably the hypest part of the day - We may make this a definite part of each Augusta Tournament lol!
  • more shoutouts later guys! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Stream recorded footage:

I believe these matches will only be up for like 6 days, so record your favorites to youtube before time runs out!

Shout out to Augusta for blowing up LiquiGen.
Warner Robins is going to nurse his wounds and return to Augusta for blood!

I still got to learn to keep a 100% cool and NOT CHOKE!!! But GGs too Isaac, Rashid and everyone else I played none the less! Enjoyed the tourney but IHOP was… yeah.

AUG ain’t looking TO free.

Augusta SUPER is always godlike! Shoutouts to everybody that made such a great event possible. I always look forward to events in Augusta!

It’s just a shame that SSF4 singles was the only game that got run :sad:

Didn’t do so hot this time around, but i still enjoyed the tourney as always. I had fun playing casuals with Kiyo, Heavyweight, and Sora. That IHOP…now that is a different story and i apologize if I might have caused any problems for you guys. Hopefully nobody looks at me differently now:)

Good stuff as always! I had too much fun. I wish I had got some casuals in though. Really wanted to play Soras Juri too… maybe next time. Congrats on running another successful tourney Drew. Looking forward to the next one! Half the tourney in IHOP ha! Sucked to work there last night.

Glad you guys could make it! Big props to my Augusta crew showing full support and helping in so many different ways to make this tournament a huge success - We always strive to make the event fun for everyone! The turnout for SSF4 was alot more than I had expected and next time we’ll be sure to have more set-ups and changes for the better! Hope you guys enjoyed the event! This was a good way to cap off Augusta’s tournaments for 2010 - Marvel 3 is just around the corner so who knows what nonsense will go down in Augusta in the year 2011 -

lol and I can never go back to that Ihop again haha

Augusta was awesome as usual! Staying up about 30 hours and having to compete was rough and tough. Fell asleep a couple of times at the wheel going like 80 but I made it!! lol Waking up from a 18hr sleep feels like Im still dreaming.

Dru… your Honda is going to have a nice dinner at Final Round. You have gotten beast with him. Thanks for the tourney and I got first dibs on your sweet plaques!! :smiley:

Eddie, I didn’t get to see you play much but I have a feeling last years Final Round wont repeat itself with you. Very happy to have seen you and stay on the offensive! GS on 2nd

Cardell, you know how dangerous you are with that girl, so keep doing what you are doing and tear some faces off at FinalRound. GS on 3rd

Shinkuur, didn’t get no chance for me to level up from the beating your Rose would have given me. Next time hopefully. The guy who came out to the tourney with me couldnt believe it when I told him you were the best player in GA cause you played with pad… lol. Can you smell top 3 at FR?? Cover all your bases and train like everyone at FR is as good as Jwong and I smell top3 for you too! GS on winning

Monday I’m having a talk with my supervisor and letting him know that I cant make it to work on January 15th because of some reason that I havent thought of yet lol. Staying up that long and competing in a tourney is something Im never repeating again. Other than that, I enjoyed myself :slight_smile:

GS to everyone that showed up & supported. Dogy, it was really unfortunate you couldn’t show up so we could play Melty, but I suppose we’ll meet up at ATL Revival & GA, keep playing to defend the home turf come when it’s time for FR next year.

Good tourney

Shouts outs to Augusta for running a SUPER HYPE Tourney ggs
To all my opponents especially the ryu player(NATO) got you next time homey and for my fellow savannians for holding me down wouldn’t have made it that far without y’all support look forward to the next one (LET’S GO).