Hyper Dragon Ball Z (Fangame), Unf!




Guys been making these characters for years. Nice to see them in a full roster.


Very nice! I’d get rid of that fake capcom intro tho. Everything I’ve wanted in a DBZ game.


This is hot. I mentioned in EventHubs that it has a C&D target on it’s head, but perhaps the fans can have Shonen Jump/Funimation/Namco-Bandai make this official and put some hard cash behind it.


I would really like to hope that Shonen Jump would have more sense than to officially license a MUGEN game.


One of the better looking MUGEN projects I’ve seen. Don’t see it ever being “official” though. It’s good that it looks semi finished because maybe they can get a release out before any cease and desist action can be taken. Then, if they get the c&d, it’s already out in the aether being passed around.


I’m sorry you only see things that limited.

I was thinking more emulating the game system on another (better) engine and replicating/improving what we seen so far. MUGEN is not an engine you can use to sale games.

But if you didn’t consider that I don’t blame you.


Looks really nice for a MUGEN project. Something tells me that multiple saibamen ai vs player is gonna be ridiculous crossups though. Hopefully it doesn’t go the c&d route.


There’s no way Shonen Jump would do that. In the best and more optimistic of the cases, they could remake the game… But there’s like, about 0 chances.


My line of thinking was that MUGEN is a poor judge of how good something is because being on MUGEN immediately makes it worse and I don’t think anyone has even played it yet, so no one has any reason to believe it’s any good, and even if they were to remake it, there’s no saying THAT would be any good. In other words, I would really like to hope that Shonen Jump would have more sense than to officially license something that isn’t good.


Lots of presumptions there. Listen, I hate MUGEN, but I have too much balance to outright write something off because of my informed biases.

As I said, I don’t blame you. Your approach seems common on the internet, I don’t expect a great deal from strangers. It’s cool.


That game looks good but i always wanted to see a dbz game under the guilty gear/blazblu or marvel vs engine.


Check the video description for the download link. Goku and Vegeta feel REALLY good as MvC1 characters. Only thing I wish for are IAD shortcuts + flight and junk, but there is already alot to sink my teeth into. For example, they fix the “six air normals that more or less do the same shit” by making heavies ground bounce. There’s also both EX specials AND supers.


I agree that MUGEN is not exactly great, and it’s only “decent” in the best of the cases. But this game looks good and well done, not only the work with the graphics but the combo system looks way above the MUGEN’s average.


That scream when goku powered up gave me chills…MY Lord
the beam sounds were on point
just awesome the audio was fucking awesome


Goku with Divekick confirmed for God Tier.


Streaming Hyper DBZ netplay.

EDIT: Stream is over.


Im actually really pumped for this. The amount of personality they gave to the characters too…youhgl


SSJ Goku has retarded combo options from anywhere on screeen.

and that divekick


Wow. That was nice. This is why I give Mugen a chance. A small chance but, a chance.