Mods please dont kill me I tried to search but the search isnt functioning for me 2 days in a row. I keep getting a white screen. I also tried searching manually 4 to 5 pages back and didnt see anything related to this so I made a new thread.

Ok now does anyone play hyper fighting on p2p here? I want to get some games in asap. What emulator is being used to play HF?

aim: metrock69
location: Cali
time: 9pm pst

Please post your aim or times you will be on so we can get crackn. I am OK at best so some of you wont feel like youre wasting time. Happy Beasting Fellas!!!

So noooooobody playes HF wow Im shocked.

I play it sometimes when I am in the mood.

Your best bet honestly is to hit up irc. Jump on efnet and go to #srkkaillera I know there are a few people there that play hyper fighting.

Personally I use nfba to play just about everything nowadays.
http://www.vaxus.net/arcade/Emulators/nfba.rar that link there has the official stable release of both the p2p client and nfba as well as cheat files if ya want a quick practice mode or something.

aim = rhythmic01 though I am not very consistent in getting online with aim.
Mind you, I am pretty terrible at the game. >_>

Hard Core ST head here yo !!!

i know for sure that leraldo plays.

Hell yes I play Hyper Fighting p2p. The only thing is that I can’t host because I’m on a school connection. I play on MAME and nfba. 9 PM PST is midnight EST, correct? I’m usually on then. My aim is seasofcheese929. Let’s do this!

get the final burn emulator. The MAME version is on crack. Its too fast. ill play but i dont have a joystick hooked up to my computer.

Sorry for all the hype guys. Ill play tomo night fasho. Got a last minute marvel crack session tonight.

GGs to Rythm and SeasofCheese. Also Dramatics on IRC I dunno if he posts on SRK but def good shit. And TruAJ. Anyone else down tonight?

Can you get a stick, I would really like to try my skills against you :wgrin:

I already have a stick. I just need to find an adapter to make it work with my laptop.

what type of connection on the stick, radio shack and walmart sell ps/ps2 to usb adapters.

Hello, everyone, y play most of the time at night, Champion edition on mame0.64, but now i know that you can play Hyper on nfba, so i guess, im going to give it a try, My nick is: ETOTHENG, my character is Gief, and my back up, Sagat, im not very good but im trying to get better if anybody wants to play with my let me know, thanks.

Ill play CE as well. Do you have aim if not Ill catch you online sometime. Ill be back in a few hours we going to the red lobster tonight :woot:

I got MSN messenger, it is engel_medina@hotmail.com, if anyone wants to add me just send me a Im, and we get set up for some CE or Hyper games. ohh, and another thing can you guys post your NIck and Main Character? like i said before
Main: Zangief, Sagat, and some ken.
Im using a Hori EX2 joystick, while i get my custom made from Ed.
Location: Bronx N.Y.

MSN: Marx1871@hotmail.com
AIM: odboncrack

CE mains: Ken, Sagat, Zangief, and some Chun-Li
HF mains: Ken, Sagat, Guile, and some Chun-Li

If you see me online just hit me up, i’m always down for some CPS-1 SFII, especially CE.

Everyone ome join:

(*see: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=135807 )

Im on there with a few other HF players like ‘LeRaldo’. Using nFBA.
Send me the .krec replay files from your best matches. I’ll post them on the Hyper Fighting youtube channel:

The Hyper Fighting thread:

what are the /krec files?

I’m playing HF on nFBA all the time now (MGear). If you want to play just send me a PM.

Im also down for some HF, you can hit me at MSN: drzawor@wp.pl or at IRC srkkaillera, im there as domino or jarecki.