Hyper Mania 4 this Saturday Aug. 11 at Mikado (Shinjuku)

Is anyone from SRK going to this 3 on 3 Hyper SF2 AE tournament this Saturday?
If you are let me know cause I need 2 partners for the tourney!
I wonder if they will still have a separate XMania 8 this year… I haven’t heard or seen anything posted at Mikado for it.


Oh huh I didn’t see this thread.

How did this go? You were on a team with Wolfe bros? Did Choi participate? Buktooth? etc. Thanks!

yeah bob and my brother and myself were on a team in hypermania 4 which coincidentally occured the day before sbo so we decided to enter for fun. We actually beat our first match which was this team that consisted of this godly cammy player that had wrecked me in practice, i got revenge in the tourney and beat him =)

cammy is played in japan? WTF?

There are a few movies up including one with the american team.

Player names on ze blog. No Graham vs. Shacho (?), unfortunately. They’ll probably have the whole event on DVD.

Is it me, or did some players not give a damn about their play in the vids? :confused:

Aniken seemed like, “Bah, fuck this! lets get it over with!” at the end.


HSF always looks like that. Taira was talking on his cell phone during the SBO finals! (ok not really but it sure fucking looked that way) That game is much better for trips down memory lane than for tournaments.

Having said that, my fondness for watching Muteki kick ass outweighs my disdain for HSF by a long shot. :rock:

(and fortunately Aniken didn’t slouch vs. Muteki @ SBO. that was one of the hottest sf2 matches of 2007)

yeah i didnt care much but i dunno i guess its the sbo that makes it seem miniscule the day before sbo. I did some silly crap if you watch my match vs yuu vega when i had him i did some silly attempt to charge i dunno why but i wasnt playing as serious as i coulda. It was just fun to play in. Though I am happy i beat that cammy player early on , cause that dude beat me alot in practice before the tourney.

Good lord! Watching those vids reminds me of just how retarded it was to play against Guile back in the WW/CE days :sad:

Oh, good I wasnt mistaken. Already had a theory the players were spreading missinformation, confusing the opposition, as to make SBO easier.

And yeah, screw HSF. That version butchers all the poking, footsie etc I used to love in ST.


i am always happy to see CE bision get raped.