Hyper Neo Geo 64 Cabinet Questions

First off, never had a cabinet before, so I may be asking this wrong or weirdly.

There’s a guy in my area selling a Hyper Neo Geo 64 Cab for really cheap, and I was wondering, since I don’t really want a hyper neo geo system, how possible or easy is it to use the cabinet with another board? And, are there any tutorials on messing with arcade cabinet stuff? Links would be helpful.

It’d be nice to have the pretty white cabinet running an MVS or something else, and I’m seriously considering getting it if I can actually get some game I want on it.

Upon checking it out again, I think it actually has a Neo Geo MVS in it. The guy had a bunch of stuff bundled with it like blazing star, metal slug, art of fighting etc. We tried popping a game in, flipped two switches, and only got a grid of white lines on the screen. I don’t really know the process for starting one of these things up though. Is there something I may have missed?

the white grid is what the mvs does when it doesn’t detect a cart. it’s used for setting up the monitor. the game cart or mvs slot probably need the contacts cleaned with a cotton swab and alcohol. it’s common for light corrosion to mess with the connection on cartridge systems.

Blazing Star and Metal Slug are quite awesome games.

Indeed, I just wish I knew if the thing worked or not. :frowning: