Hyper Real Juri edition

Here you guys go


That is pretty damned sweet.

nice work but i think she looks too heavy set for juri.

i know man, damn shame i wouldn’t find anything like her so i had to modify 2 figure images to get this
glad you like it

I agree w/ Mr List but its still really really good.

I think we’ll keep you : )

Have any ideas for your next?

Balrog will be next :smiley:

what about makoto after that?

ill try to do them all


Keep up the good work, man. Doing some impressive work with these. :tup:

Thanks champ, will do

Looks like a friend of mine. Really looks like her.

lol you have an awesome friend

Really impressive work.

Thanks guys
my work was featured on Kotaku
Bosslogic hyperReal on Kotaku

Do you take requests? lol

When i am free for time yes