Hyper SFll AE thread

Post the best versions of character’s, the worst versions, pokes, combo’s, match-up’s, vid’s and all other related strategies here.

ST Vega (claw)

I’ll just post some quick tidbits about ST Vega. Might add combos and stuff later if the thread actually takes off.

Noteworthy normals are:

s.fierce: His longest ranged normal. Beats out alot of stuff.
c.jab: Pretty fast and useful in blockstrings.
c.fierce: Decent anti-air and you get to charge up while doing it.
c.short: Good for ticking.
c.Forward: I mainly use it to push people out sometimes as a meaty. You want to follow up with a c.strong wether it gets blocked or you hit.
c.roundhouse: The slide. Pretty safe when done from max distance you can slide under jumps and throw as they land. Be ready to flipkick after a blocked slide to stuff their punish attempt.
j.fierce: Generally the best attack in air to air battles.
j.roundhouse: Generally best air to ground.


The Roll (Charge back, forward+P):
I mostly use it in combos and sometimes in block strings to build meter. I think jab and strong rolls give frame advantage on block but I am unsure about the fierce. (Actually I am unsure about all the rolls on block now that I think about it.)

Wall Dive (Charge down, up+K. Then P for claws or forward/back+P to throw.:
Lots of dirty stuff with this thing. You can cross-up pretty freely when doing it against a downed opponent and sometimes you can connect a few in a row if the continue to guess wrong. And if you hit with just the tip of the claw many chars can’t really punish afterwards.

Wall Torpedo(Charge down, up+P):
I honestly never found much use in this move. But please educate me if it is actually useful.

Flip Kick(charge downback, forward+kick):
The great punisher. Will beat out pretty much anything if you do it late but is very very punishable if you whiff. The roundhouse flip kick does two hits and you can combo two together as long as you are not in the corner.

The super (Charge downback, downforward, downback, up+K then forward+P or back+P to throw):
Pretty nice since you only spend your super bar if the throw actually connects. If the throw doesn’t come out the claws do.

S.Fierce, C.Strong - Use this when you miss a throw and get a fierce instead.
C.Forward, C.Forward, C.Strong (Unuable after a jump-in.)
C.Forward, C.Strong
C.Short, Strong Roll, C.Strong (In the corner you can use Fierce Roll.)
C.Short, RH Flip Kick, RH Flip Kick (Only works out of the corner.)

Sky High Claw is good after any Wall Dive attack as wake up cause it’s fast. Plus u can combo it whne your in the corner, with a C. MP.

best versions of each character imo (excluding ww)


  1. HF
  2. ST


  1. CE


  1. CE (ce over turbo cuz he does more damage overall, but they are literally the same)
  2. turbo
  3. ST
  4. ST old - has the fastest sonic boom out of the 5 i think.
    last. ssf2


  1. HF - better sbks, no charge full screen fireball (bit slower tho), higher priority on normals
  2. ST


  1. HF


  1. HF


  1. ST
  2. ssf2/st old - are there any differences between the two?
  3. CE
    last. - hf


  1. ST? - not too sure since i dont play him


  1. ST
  2. CE
  3. ssf2
  4. ST old


  1. take a guess
  2. ST
  3. ssf2/ST old - again, any differences?


  1. ST old - the most balanced out of them all.
  2. tie? - hard to rank the other incarnation. hf has the best tiger uppercut, but the worst fireball, ce has the fastest fb, but weaker uppercut than ST old, ssf2 is like ST old but loses some bufferable normals.
    last. ST


  1. ST
  2. hf
  3. ssf2? - he has longer reach than ST old
  4. ST old? - but his c.mp and maybe some other move are bufferable
  5. CE

new characters except T hawk:

I thought the “old” characters in ST were essentially their SSF versions?

Also, didn’t Guile get the Bazooka Knee in Hyper Fighting? Didn’t that change the way he was used?

Nope. Some ST old versions are different from their SSF2 counterparts.

Guile got the knee bazooka in CE.

Anyone got some good dizzies & re-dizzies?

I remember CE/HF Guile, CE Bison, and CE Vega all had redizzies I think. I dont know if they still work, but…

Guile: Opponent in corner dizzy, jump in while charging so that your very deep in

crouch jab, jab sonic boom, immedietly start charging again, crouch strong, strong sonic boom, stand fierce.

Vega: crouch jab, fierce claw roll, stand fierce

Bison: Don’t remember…Have it in an old Gamepro SF2 book somewhere…

Does anyone on here have any idea how to play ST Balrog? I know hes one of the better characters but I just have no clue how to use him, what his good normals are, etc. Can someone help me out?

PS: To me ST Guile is kinda underrated. He lost some strength and priority, but has more rushdown options.

Bison redizzy: low jabx2, stand jab xx forward scissors, low strong, low forward.

Dumbest redizzy ever: WW Guile, stand jab x 4-6.

ST can be played with a rushdown style, dont abuse his Super as an anti-air. Mix-up games with his low & high dashes, use the head-butt on fireball happy opponents. That’s all I got

let’s be a bit more precise in why one character version is recomennded over another one aight?

You guys wanna hear some weird shit. Well I was ST fei long vs my friends CE Ken. At the beginning of the match he hit me with one fireball that took 25% damage AND made me dizzy…DIZZY ON THE FIRST ATTACK OF THE MATCH. All i did was walk forward. In all my years of playing, i have never seen anything like that.

that’s not weird…it’s fuckin hilarious :rofl:

since no 1 is posting anything I will

My favorite & best character is Champion Edition/Dash Vega. His moves have lightning speed, range & priority. He has the claw roll redizzy combo, and a devastating throw. Use the slide right when a character is gettin’ up to pin them down with a claw roll, then do a crouching MP. If they dont block then slide back up to them to restart, mix in a few throws every now & then. His off the wall moves are rendered useless, good damage but slow start-up.

Fav character is CE Guile. Just learning to play with him so any one have nay tips?

Also is CE the best Guile?

Honestly I donno what is the best Guile, but I’d be careful when using that Flash Kick if I were u.

CE Guile has to be his best one…He can turtle with the best of them. Use Sonic Booms to try to dictate what the opponent does…Use it to pressure them or get the all important jump so you can Flash Kick/Uppercut them. His standing roundhouse is useful as an anti-air at times as well, it depends what angle they come in at and what move they use. Use them with caution though, don’t SB in a situation where your opponent can anticipate and nail you with a jump in. At close range you can use a sonic boom to cancel a fireball and then immedietly backfist or trip them or something. His crouching normals are very good, particularly his kicks and should be used to apply pressure after a boom. Be careful using the roundhouse flash kick, as it hits twice and on most small characters you may not get both hits and will be combo-bait. His throws are very good and his air throws I believe can snuff a lot of stuff. If the opponent is scared and is sitting as you run after a sonic boom, try to pressure them into blocking the boom, then throw. I hope LA Akuma can enter this thread and help us all further our Guiles…

I am having some major problems with Guile Vega match up. Vega is so quick and his slide was good priority. It’s hard to throw out sonic booms since vega is so fast and can git on you easily.

When I get in the corner it’s hard to do any thing.

I have only played AE once but, if the versions are arcade perfect, then Guile’s CE flashkick is weak from behind. It doesn’t hit completely around so, Vega can cross him up and grab a flashkick attempt EASILY(Off the wall grab). He’s altogether easier to cross-up.


Are WW characters banned or something?