Hyper SFll AE thread


its not an improvement, it just cheats. It move reads and increases its own damage and defence. Its just annoying to deal with. It’s the same ai that st uses.


It’s the AI that basically all SF2 games used, the higher the difficulty, the more damage the AI can do, and the less damage you yourself can do against them. Not to mention they can execute no-charge moves and do the most ridiculous of things. However learning their pattern’s ='s you>>>AI.

Shit…if I could do instant/No Charge SB’s like the AI…I would’ve been a Guile player since Day 1 :lovin:.


Palm tree

Does anyone recall the palm tree located in Sagat’s stage in WW ?

Well any reason why this is left out in the game?


It was taken out from WW due to the fact that it would block you when you where in a heated matchup, it was extremely annoying and distracting.


Does anybody know where I can find strats for SF2T specifically? I tried to find threads already but couldn’t find any. Thanks in advance


…theres an entire forum for it use the forum jump.

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Its not instant charging, but you can get SB’s out a little quicker if you do

charge back, towards, back + punch

instead of:

charge back, towards + punch

I think this works for all charge characters. Its pretty useful to know. I know this isnt the 3rd strike forums, but one example of the utility of this is that you need to do this kind of charging when you’re using Urien and using tackles to juggle your opponent. You cannot do this with the normal charge back, towards + button because you cant charge quick enough this way. So to charge quicker, the Urien player will use the method I described and this allows them to execute the move faster.

So in sum, learn to do charge motions this way and you will improve your game.


All I see is Super Turbo, I don’t see Street Fighter 2 Turbo. I play a lot of XBOX live and was just looking for more indepth discussion on it. Do you know where I can find it?


We have a thread for it in the Fighting Game Discussion.

Search for “Hyper Fighting”.


Go here


Anyways, Ive read this entire post, and from what I gather, CE and/or HF Ryu > ST Ryu.
The reasons for this seem to include that ST Ryu does less damage, HF?CE fireball does more damage, & his HF Hurricane kick. I also read that ST Ryu cant “keep up” without his Super Fireball. These are nice overviews, but could someone do a deeper analysis of ST Ryu vs CE/HF Ryu, particularly going over why each of CE/HF Ryu’s normals/specials/zoning/strategies are better than ST Ryu’s?

Or if someone is bold, explain why ST Ryu is better than CE/HF Ryu.

Also, is there some advantage to HF air hurricane going straight in the air vs ST’s air hurricane arcing in the air?


CE/HF Ryu have better Hadouken Traps, because their fireballs are faster, but most importantly, a much better recovery. The Inv. Frame Start Up Hurricane kick has an advantage, because you can blow up many attacks from close range with this. It’s an excellent punisher against projectiles up close, since it will knock down, take a huge chunk of life off, and Ryu’s sent safely away.

Another factor as well is that CE/HF characters stun opponents much better then ST characters. This is another advantage that they have over ST. Ryu, something like a c.lk, s.fp, fp Hadouken ='s stun, heck even the simple cross up fk into c.lk’sXXX ='s stun, something that was completely removed from Super onwards.

One other factor that I would also like to add in, and some may ask that it isn’t a really big advantage, however I believe it is, the jabbing priority of CE/HF Ryu, is much better then ST. Ryu’s.

ST. Ryu imo is more rushdown oriented, since he has the dashing fp, overhead attack, rainbow hurricane cross ups, his lk hurricane kick is phenomenal (seriously, I wished CE/HF’s lk hurricane kick went this far only, would’ve been some crazy mindgames with this).

However, me being a Ryu player like…all my time playing throughout the SF2 series, I strongly believe it’s removing him away from what really made Ryu good, and that was being a very powerful zone/chip/punish character. Just look at the Top Tiers for most of SF2, pratically all of them are fit within that category aside from a select few (ex: CE. Bison, ST. Rog etc, etc).


I see now. That explains why every time I’m playing this game, people pick HF Ryu. It also explains why Ryu has fallen to about mid-tier on ST tier list. Apparently, the mighty have fallen.

So, CE/HF char can dizzy better, does that mean that they get dizzied easier as well? What are some disadvantages to playing CE/HF characters versus ST characters. Also, can HF/CE hurricane kick go thru Hadoukens as well?


ST. Ryu is still very strong in ST, he’s Upper-Tier in there, with only O. Sagat, Sim, Rog, Claw and Chunli being better then him. As for CE/HF getting dizzied easier, that really depends, because WW/CE/HF characters can all dizzy extremely fast. While ST characters, it’s harder to land dizzies due to game mechanic changes within the game itself.

So if I’m playing CE. Ryu vs ST. Ryu, I can dizzy the ST. Ryu if I land the right dizzy combos, or strike enough times successfully within a row. While the ST. Ryu player would need to do more to achieve the dizzy, this really just simply has more to do with Capcom designing it so that dizzies are less frequent and harder to achieve within ST.

With that being said, hope it helps, and yes, a well timed Hurricane Kick for CE/HF Ryu will always fly right through a Hadouken. Back in the day, this thing just needed to land once or twice within a round and your opponent would be scared of throwing fireballs from sweep range against you.

If I had to put my finger on it, the Ryu’s would rank within this order.

CE. Ryu, HF. Ryu, ST. Ryu, Super Ryu, WW. Ryu


i just got the capKore AE edition and did a little test to see what they changed.
stuff that was changed
Super and O. Sagat low fireballs are back to 37 frames of recovery (instead of the 45)
vega wall dive input seems correct.

stuff that wasn’t changed:
ST characters can’t tech O. characters throws
CE dic still has the the 50/50 ambiguous psycho crusher
CE and HF sagat still has unblockable reversals.
still have to hold START to pick chun li and honda to have the ability to store supers
still have to hold START to pick O. characters.

if there is anything that you would like me to test. let me know

so if this is all that changed…all it does is change Sagat’s rank order
2003-4 AE was (imo) 1. CE 2. HF. 3. ST. 4. O. 5. Super.
capKore AE is (imo) 1. O. 2. CE. 3. Super. 4. HF. 5. ST


Honestly, with those changes to Sagat, CE and O. Sagat can be considered equal now. Because I would assume now that with the fix, O. Sagat’s is Low Tiger Shot frame is now 11 - 37 Frames instead of the 13 - 45 Frames.

Even with this change, I wouldn’t consider O. Sagat better than CE. Sagat, you could pretty much go either way. Because CE. Sagat can dizzy much better then O. Sagat, while doing more damage as well, if I also remember correctly, CE. Sagat’s Tiger Knee has more priority then O. Sagats.

I would rank my list for Sagat like this…

  1. CE/O. Sagat 2. Super Sagat 3. HF. Sagat 4. ST. Sagat


I think ST Ryu’s Fireball’s are just as fast as CE/HF/SSF2. Only difference in their fireball recoveries is that he has 1 extra frame of recovery, which does make a difference. Just to clear up any misconceptions anyone has. CE Ryu has the same invincibility on his Hurricane kick that HF Ryu has. Only think HF Ryu has over CE Ryu is the Air Hurricane kick, but i would prefer the extra damage CE Ryu does over this any day of the week.

As far as Sagat goes, its a tough call. In regular AE i would say its CE Sagat without a shadow of a doubt. Unblockable Reversal glitch, loads of damage, Really fast fireballs with great recovery, and a Tigher Knee thats useful outside of just gaining ground. In the Capkore i would still say CE Sagat, but its abit harder to call. While O.Sagat lacks some of the things mentioned above hes still very powerful. Does good damage, great fireballs, and has many more cancellable moves, which gives him better footsies and strings to help him push his opponents out when they get close.


hf ryu’s fireball is definitely faster. afaik. i don’t think st ryu can combo 2 fireballs from a decently far range.


CE/HF/SSF2/ST have all the same speed fireballs, only ST Ryu’s fireball has 1 extra frame of recovery. I’m pretty sure on this, i can retest it if anyone has any doubts.


They do not, Super and ST Ryu have slower fireballs then CE/HF Ryu, this has already been tested and stated, look at my last post. It takes 41 frames for FP Hadouken with Super Ryu and 42 frames with ST. Ryu, it only takes 39 Frames with CE/HF Ryu, that’s a significant change.

The recovery and speed is the reason why CE/HF Ryu can zone much better then their Super and ST. counterparts with the Hadouken. As for Sagat, I would probably actually agree that CE. Sagat could potentially be better, because his Low Tiger Shot is the same exact speed and recovery and O. Sagat, so they would both share the same projectile.

However CE. Sagat does have the better tiger knee, damage and dizzy potential. Thinking more into this, I would probably have to put CE. Sagat as #1 now.


Just done a quick test, in my results, CE/HF/SSF2 have the same speed, and ST is 1 frame slower.