hyper street fighter 2!

So recently I managed to find my old copy of street fighter anniversary collection for xbox(hsf2 and 3s) and to be honest, I think that game is pretty awesome. The fact that it has all the versions of sf2 is pretty awesome to me and I’m curious as to why people don’t really like it that much. I want to hold sessions for that as well as mostly st and am actually curious where I can buy a board for hsf2. Ce guile is on one lol. (Sorry for double post of the thread, im using phone, and you know how that is).

-1-frame extra input lag according to NKI (not a deal breaker)
-Turbo 2 is too slow and Turbo 3 is too fast compared to ST JP Turbo 3
-No way to tech old character throws
-n.claw has a messed up wall dive motion (the console d.K,u motion is different from the arcade version’s different messed up d,u,neg edge K motion that oldschool_BR found last time)
-o.claw has his messed up wall dive motion fixed
-o.claw’s suck-in wall dive has been fixed
-o.Sagat’s tiger shots have additional recovery

So if played ST-only, the game is technically more balanced but it’s not ST. The n.claw and o.Sagat issues were fixed in the JP Capcore version. But the hassle of bringing an import-friendly PS2 and game for a good enough port is about the same as bringing a supergun setup for perfection.

Otherwise, the speed for the older games is very different from HSF2 as well. HSF2 also uses the JP revisions, which are apparently a bit different. Fans would rather play the original games than this remix. As for why people don’t play the full HSF2 competitively, CE dictator quickly killed everyone’s appetite. The CPS2 HSF2 board costs a bit more than ST nowadays. Don’t be suckered in by the numerous fakes out there.

If you’re holding sessions, I’ll bring over the SS version of Street Fighter The Movie (AKA ST’s first rebalance) next time for some giggles.

o claw has a suck-in wall dive…? Learn something new every day I guess… can you describe that a bit more…? I’m interested…

Isn’t there a way to choose the original, unfixed arcade character by holding start(or something) when choosing which version to use…?

for example, I know they ‘fixed’ n chun’s super store, but you could still get it if you held start (again, I havn’t touched HSF in AGES so I don’t quite remember) when choosing TURBO, (or did it say SUPERT)

did that not work for the old character changes…?

It looks the suck-in wall dive is still in HSF2 (for both SSF2 and ST old claw) so I remembered wrong on that point. Nevertheless, the suck-in wall dive is where the opponent always falls in the direction of the wall o.claw dived from. For example, if you dive to your wall and perform a normal (non-crossup) barcelona attack, the opponent falls towards you.

This glitch wasn’t really beneficial because claw normally doesn’t want opponents to be pushed towards him, especially in the corner. Also, the opponent’s body is still turned the correct way so you can’t create any confusion on what side you hit.

The only minor interesting bit to this glitch is that since the opponent’s body sucks in towards you, you can force him to lose charge by sliding underneath but it’s so obvious and inefficient that it can hardly be counted as a benefit.

And no, there’s no way to fix claw and o.Sagat by holding start as you can with Chun Li and Honda (well, o.Sagat requires holding start anyway). You have to play the PS2 Capcore version to get their original versions.

All these flaws on the ps2 were corrected on the CPS2 edition?

No, all these flaws originated from the CPS2 version. The only known issues added to the later PS2 and Xbox ports were the 1-frame additional input lag and ST claw’s wall dive changing from one messed up motion to another messed up motion.

As far as I know , capcom initially launched HST for the ps2 as an standalone game in japan and then backported it to the cps2 .It makes me think that the changes on o.sagat and n.claw where intentional…