Hyper Street Fighter 3 would be so rockin

that and Street Fighter 3: Midnight Bliss Edition

I’d like

Street Fighter 3: No Scrub Threads Allowed

Yeah man, it really burns my nuts when message board scrub fighters take every thread so seriously and try to turn everything into a dick measuring contest.

Hyper Street FighterIII would be like Hyper Street FighterII

Imbalanced piece of shit

Yes it would be, but Hyper SF2 is still fun as hell. I get to do a seven Fierce combo with CE Guile on ST Rog in the corner, but then Rog lands his reversal super and I get KOed, and that’s just rockin.

No shit. This guy,“Rik” and “BisonSFIV” need to be fucking banned. None of them add one ounce of benefit to this entire site.