Hyper Street Fighter II


Definitely not a very fun or competitive game. Not sure why it fetches such ludicrous prices.


i used to have the HSF2 collector’s edition for PS2 with Chun Li’s bracelet’s and some gaming book. I think something Final Fight related came with it as well. I sold it back in 2008 or 2009 for like $50


Its an extremely rare board with lots of demand outside the competitive community. Actually the competitive community usually has a negligible impact on the value of games because the amount of non competitive collectors overshadow us. With exceptions obviously.


[Here is the Akuma debate from like 8 years ago on whether or not Akuma should be banned in HSF2](Street Fighter ST/AE at Evo

EDIT: Why is CigarBoB banned


Because he can’t control his temper. I personally like AE. As long as there is a tacit agreement not to be a douche and constantly use CE Bison/Guile I usually have a great time.

That still doesn’t negate the damage/dizzy potential disparity that the CPS1 cast has over the CPS2 cast.


I play HSF2 everyday at work. It feels smoother than ST and a bit faster with the same speed settings of the two. There are TONS of variety and so much fun!

I hate to say this, I committed heresy abandoning ST casually in favor of HSF2. It’s too damn FUN. Now I can barely go to Next Level tournaments to compete in ST on the head to head cabinet -_-


To answer the original topic, here goes


It’s a fun casual game, but competitively a mess. Variety starts to become non-existent when everyone’s picking the best CE and HF characters.


Hey 750 you play HSF2? so do I, but i play on GGPO


I don’t think I’ve ever seen people in the HSF2 lobby in GGPO. I only rarely run into HSF2 players (or people who tolerate it) on Supercade.

I actually rarely run into people who go with the usual suspects. Shit, I fought a WW dhalsim the other day lol.


Exactly, Occasionally you’ll get someone who will BS you by picking WW Zangief & stuff like that but for the most part everytime I play on GGPO the character select is very diverse.


Which is weird, since WW Gief isn’t that good (close landing SPD doesn’t outweigh not being able to move the lariat).


But he has this trap were if your blocking low he can D.LP,D.HK into a SPD which not only throws your defense off but gets you caught in one of his more powerful moves. Then he closes in with either Jumping HP or Body Splash to counter or trade hit whatever you do & the get’s in close to rinse & repeat the above. Also not to mention those WW tick stuns which after anywhere from 2-4 hits get you daze already. Well it’s what I’ve experienced at least.


Yeah, those CPS1 rapid lp/lks into dizzy are killer lol.


Cool, looks like I need to set up ggpo again on this SSD drive. Too much configuring argh.


The weirdness continues the game is being re-released on NESiCAxLive Network along with Vampire Savior, SFA3 and SF3:Third Strike.


Not really, that weird just throwing an emulator on there. Surprised it wasn’t done sooner. Pretty sure people will complain about them having delay or going too fast.

Edit: Just thought of another complaint. Too expensive, why play on Nescia for 100 yen when you could play on the real hardware for 50 yen.


+1 Dreamcast ST avatar.
This news only benefits JP gamers.


does anyone still play this on GGPO?


Even weirder that Ono said Hyper SF2 is essentially the gold standard of SF2 right now. When did that happen?