Hyper Street Fighter II


Yeah, those CPS1 rapid lp/lks into dizzy are killer lol.


Cool, looks like I need to set up ggpo again on this SSD drive. Too much configuring argh.


The weirdness continues the game is being re-released on NESiCAxLive Network along with Vampire Savior, SFA3 and SF3:Third Strike.


Not really, that weird just throwing an emulator on there. Surprised it wasn’t done sooner. Pretty sure people will complain about them having delay or going too fast.

Edit: Just thought of another complaint. Too expensive, why play on Nescia for 100 yen when you could play on the real hardware for 50 yen.


+1 Dreamcast ST avatar.
This news only benefits JP gamers.


does anyone still play this on GGPO?


Even weirder that Ono said Hyper SF2 is essentially the gold standard of SF2 right now. When did that happen?


Anyone want to do a quick “best SF2 version of the character in HSF2” poll? Here’s mine:

Ryu: tie HF & ST (HF may be the strongest version of Ryu but he doesn’t have the utility of CPS2 Ryu’s juice kicks)
Ken: CE (the angle on his HP SRK is stupid crazy
Honda: ST (using the OG ST code)
Chun: ST (ditto)
Blanka: Hmm… tie between HF & ST (two completely different playstyles)
Gief: HF (between the kick lariat not being sweepable and no wiff SPD, HF Gief has to be near the top of the HSF2 tier list)
Guile: CE (dat crouching mk. No WW Guile isn’t worth picking for his redizzy jab)
Sim: ST
Hawk: Old ST (subjective I guess)
Cammy: ST
Fei: ST
Rog: ST
Vega: ST (some people use CE Vega, absolutely baffled as to why)
Sagat: CE (would be Old ST if they didn’t nerf him)
Bison: CE (fucking cross up psycho crusher and SK frame traps)


I mostly agree, but Ryu would be CE, then HF, then ST. CE/HF tatsu makes him really slippery. CE Ryu doesn’t have air tatsu styling, but maintains the CE stun on his aerial attacks.

HF Honda is also really strong, if you have Shogatsu-like jumping skills.


I was under the impression that CE and HF chars had pretty much the same dizzy potential. Seeing how HF air tatsus are kinda worthless, I’d totally swap HF for CE Ryu if that was the case.

As for HF Honda, as someone who’s played HF and ST religiously with Honda as a main, I can say without hesitation that CPS2 Honda in general is way better than HF Honda. When it comes down to it, the only thing HF honda has over CPS2 honda is the HK sumo smash hitting on the way up. Which is really nice, sure, but it doesn’t negate the negatives: Sumo smash doesn’t knock a grounded opponent down, headbutt stops directly under opponent always (which can make punishing wiffed SRKs and the like a lot more difficult depending on the situation), and headbutt doesn’t knock down a grounded opponent. He does get an instant dizzy from a two hit sumo smash or headbutt, but those are incredibly hard to land on purpose.


He never said that. He just believes that it’s newer than ST and it’s still being played so that’s the one they chose. It’s complete horseshit. Most hardcore players use ST as the tournament standard, and if they use HSF2, it’s to play ST. HSF2 is just a very prevalent arcade board. Clearly, he’s out of touch with the real scene itself.

I think the real reason is that you gain access to all different SF2 characters, which would be seen as “fun” to the more casual players. You get the best of both worlds this way.

CE/HF Ryu is way better than ST ryu. The speed and recovery of his fireball basically makes him a shorter Sagat. This, combined with high damage and priority on his grounded kicks and jump attacks, makes him a monster.

Super Ken is the best. While previous versions are also solid, Super Ken has both the juice kicks, which is pretty essential to certain matchups, alongside having a really good fireball, uppercut, pokes, etc… He’s much more well-rounded.

Honda seems tied between ST Honda and Super Honda. S.Honda is actually better than ST Honda in certain matchups, so it kinda equals out.

The real HF Blanka is insanely better than ST Blanka. The problem is that HF Blanka in HSF2 isn’t quite the same. A lot of his hurt and hit boxes are all screwed up to hell.

As far as Vega goes, his damage/stun potential is higher than ST Vega if you prefer the ground game. But otherwise, ST version is vastly superior.

Old O.Sagat is still available in the game, but you need to input a special code. But even then, CE Sagat’s damage+stun potential alongside his tiger knee which basically acts as a dash, is much better.


No he isn’t. Well, you can pick O. Sagat by holding start before selecting the super version, but you won’t get ST O. Sagat. There isn’t a code to get the un-nerfed versions of Old ST characters like there is for ST characters. O. Sagat seems to be the only Old ST character that got balanced though.


Air Tatsus are not worthless, if you use them properly on all mediums (Meaning LK,MK,HK) they can set you up throws for a quick win or a combo for a stun, This method works even better while your opponent is still stuck in projectile animation.


Well on Shoryuken wiki I found a best to worst tier list for each character in the game, prehapse we can use this a a bases to continue the debate.

(Version Breakdown: Best-to-Worst ranging Left-to-Right):

Ryu: CE, HF, ST, S, WW

E. Honda: ST, HF, S, CE, WW

Blanka: HF, ST, WW, CE, S

Guile: CE, WW, HF, ST, S

Ken: CE, HF, ST, S, WW

Chun-Li: ST, HF, S, WW, CE

Zangief: HF, ST, CE, S, WW

Dhalsim: ST, WW, CE, S, HF

Balrog: ST, HF, S, CE

Vega: ST, CE, S, HF

Sagat: CE, HF, ST, S

M. Bison: CE, ST, S, HF

Dee Jay: ST, S

Cammy: ST, S

Fei-Long: ST, S

T. Hawk: S, ST


Someone should do a hack of this where the CPU can pick other versions of characters


The hitbox on jumping fierce is maintained in future versions!


Hyper Fighting Ken is the best version. Instant air tatsus allow Ken much better mobility and ways to close the distance relatively safely over fireballs. He maintains stuff from CE like TOD and his ridiculous hitbox on jump fierce.


I second this!


It’s funny, because the CPU plays with different SF2 versions in the game’s attract mode.


FF8666 - Version

00 - ST
02 - SSF2
04 - World Warrior/ World Warrier
06 - Championship/Dash
08 - Hyper Fighting/Turbo

FF8687 - ST Old Version flag to be used with SSF2
FF8688 - Triggers if I hold start on and select ST