Hyper Street Fighter II


WW Claw has an attack box that faces below him during his Flying Barcelona move that isn’t present in any other version of Claw.


Fence climbing only happens in HF I thought? Plus that is considered a huge negative for Vega players isn’t it?


Yes, the CPU versions of CE and HF claw have the same attack box as WW claw.


CE. Come to think of it, it is a disadvantage.


Indeed it is. It’s basically saying, “Here, I am going to do a wall dive. I will now give you 5 seconds to adjust your positioning for an optimal counter.”


Vega’s wall grab on his stage must happen on all 3 of the CPS1 games, because I know it happens on HF.


It happens on all 3 even Alpha 3 just A3, HF, and CE has a stage check.


You’re right, it also works in HF. Ha I’ll be damned.


wall dive is down, up, punch :slight_smile:

WW claw’s flying barcelona attack (FBA) is the fastest

Champion Edition

The World Warrior


Damn. M. Bison (Dictator) is immune to Guile’s flash kicks in this version?



Why is it the Jp Hsf2 miss sound effects attacking normals and special moves but in the US version it is not bugged. Any official reason from capcom?


I’ve never heard an explanation myself.


It bugs me they didn’t fix that. What about the capcore ps2 version that was packaged with the Vampire saviors collection, fixed?


Did the jap console ports suffer the same bug?


They corrected the Claw wall dive command that was plagued in the anniversary collection.
Other than that I suspect they correct the sound effect bug in the capcore version. Waiting for the verdict.


wall dive is d,u,punch…


I mean the off the wall dive. That’s been corrected with the capkore version of the game and fixed S.Sagat’s recovery frames.



So, has anyone tried a hack where the CPU uses other versions of characters? I know that with a character select cheat the CPU can fully use Super versions of characters


What about this:



From the video itself “It’s a terribly unfinished hack”