Hyper Street Fighter II


So, has anyone tried a hack where the CPU uses other versions of characters? I know that with a character select cheat the CPU can fully use Super versions of characters


What about this:



From the video itself “It’s a terribly unfinished hack”


However, this guy found the WW boss characters in HSF2


I said the graphics were there, but there is no programming of said characters so the original hacker as I doubt that he did it. As the same channel shows of yumeji’s WW boss hack without crediting yumeji.


But just imagine using WW bosses in HSF2. People won’t be complaining about CE characters and HF characters anymore:



^Hell yeah. screw imagining, I want reality!


Nice. How are you!!!


If Capcom were to re-release HSF2 (it would seem likely for HFS2 to get a digital release over ST), what would you want them to change? Here’s some of mine:

Obvious changes:

  1. Allow WW mirror matches (yeah, we get it, couldn’t do it in the arcade version. Doesn’t matter).
  2. Un-nerf O.Sagat (if CE Bison isn’t nerfed, no reason for this).
  3. Allow the ST cast to tech throws against everyone, not just other ST characters.
  4. Fix messed up ST Vega walldive input if necessary (dependent on port).
  5. There was speculation that certain combos possible in ST cannot be replicated in HSF2. Fix that.
  6. Make the ST cast follow its original arcade release balance by default (i.e. no need to hold start to get Chun’s or Honda’s stored super/ochio). Maybe make a separate category for Old ST characters too to negate the need to hold down a button to pick them.
  7. Allow the CPU to pick any SF iteration, not just ST characters.

New changes:
2. Ability to pick old backgrounds and music (why not?).
3. Ability to lock out certain characters in VS mode (probably not needed but again, why not?).
4. GGPO netcode.
5. Maaaaybeee have a HDR category (just the character balance)?

Thoughts? This could also possibly work out as an official community supported ST port if they fix a few issues (just pick ST and Old ST characters).

Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!
Ultra SF2 General Discussion - We need the CPS1 music!

Wouldn’t mind seeing the CPU pick WW Dictator (more of a challenge than ST Dictator). And if allowing CE Dictator in tournaments then Akuma should be allowed as well. Isn’t that a double-standard if Akuma is not allowed in tournament play, but all these other powerful characters are allowed? It’s like saying, let’s have Ancestral Recall unrestricted, but still keep Timetwister restricted…


Pretty sure we’ve had this conversation before. Akuma was never, ever made to be balanced. He’s a selectable boss character. CE Bison is bad, probably worse than ST Vega/O.Sagat, but nowhere near as bad as having to go against Akuma.


Add bonus stages, survival mode, character biography and artwork in the menu, and optional darkened supers to HSF2. This is why I really like Dreamcast ST over the cps2 arcade. It was magnificent when this was released in 2000.

Most requested is definitely WW battles of course.


All great ideas studtrooper and 750. I know it’s trivial but it’d also be cool to have a Colour Edit mode and be able to select all the different versions of the Music (i.e. CPSI, CPSII, Arrange, maybe HDR and PC version music too) and be able to customize it by separate tracks (e.g. CPSII for Ryu’s Stage, CPS1 for Character Select, Arrange for Zangief’s Stage etc).

Have loads of Dip Switches to customize the experience both gameplay-wise and cosmetically ala the Dreamcast version and HDR.

Oh and be able to play as the ST version of characters in their original colours (e.g. ST Ryu with White GI).


Changes I would want would be all of the above but also to make WW bosses playable.

Also does anyone here play this on FightCade?


Actually CE Dictator is nerfed. In CE Dictator can chip 6 times on a blocked psycho crusher among other things


Well, if it got released today in 2015, everything will be separate DLC.


It was always this way in the Japanese version.



And then what’s funny, non Japanese CE versions gave Sagat the world warrior tiger uppercut


my EVO theme if and/or when I get top 4 in any game:





Looking back at a revamp HSF2, I suggest having a dedicated design team instead of capcom to develop the most complete game from the ground up.

One such example is a small team are working on Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended.
The results so far are impressive! All stages from past games, all characters including bosses from past games, even gorier Brutalities than the original, bonus stages that was never in the original MK Trilogy, and balancing the whole game.

This team has amazing talent and their videos can be found here