Hyper Street Fighter II


my EVO theme if and/or when I get top 4 in any game:





Looking back at a revamp HSF2, I suggest having a dedicated design team instead of capcom to develop the most complete game from the ground up.

One such example is a small team are working on Mortal Kombat Trilogy Extended.
The results so far are impressive! All stages from past games, all characters including bosses from past games, even gorier Brutalities than the original, bonus stages that was never in the original MK Trilogy, and balancing the whole game.

This team has amazing talent and their videos can be found here



In this match on Battle 8 I did the World Warrior Dictator move where he does the headstomp into turn-around kick, instead of the normal headstomp into skull diver:



Claw’s algorithm didn’t change between World Warrior and Hyper Fighting, if you look closely…




Here are Super and Super Turbo. Algorithm slightly different:




Since this is old school. Check out this old, old school game getting beat and it took him 4 hours to beat the game!!!



Can anyone confirm whether or not this works in HSFII? I’m not home right now.

CE Ryu’s LP DP can sometimes hit low. I’ve only tested vs Chun Li in CE (don’t remember the version). Easiest way to test is to get her to hold back in the corner and let Ryu do LP DP so that it hits more-or-less around her foot. If it hits on a certain frame (or certain frames), she’ll get hit. I was wondering if this also works in HSFII, and against other versions of characters.


Confirmed. All CPS1 versions of Ken and Ryu. If you throw a fireball at a close distance (but not too close) then DP it almost always hits. Lol, I think I must be the only SFII player who didn’t realize this.



Interesting. Wonder if this is just a AE bug or if it is in the actual CPS1 arcade roms?


Happens on the actual machine, at least on version of CE that it was demonstrated to me.


That’s pretty cool. I wonder if it is a 50/50 bug similar to the O.Ryu/O.Ken hitting with their jump tatsu on the first frame.


Wow man you actually beat Ko-Rai until he submitted! lol sorry if I make that sound like an astonishing accomplishment but I can never beat that guy. I also commend you for picking a rare character online like O.Bison instead of going to ST or a CE character like most people. Is O.Bison your go to? Also I would love to fight you on Fightcade! :smile:


Cossack, Cami, and a few others that think I’m trash need to see this…


I noticed for the first time the other day that WW, CE and HF characters in HSFII have their CPS1 chains intact. Jump cancelling works as well. For some reason I thought they were removed from the game.


Yeah, CPS1 chains work. that’s one of the reasons why so many people prefer CE and HF versions of characters, in addition to their already overall awesomeness.


Hi all, I’m atm trying to understand the memory addresses of Street Fighter II. I’ve find a lot of useful info here:

What I’m missing there however, if the value for the life/healthbar for P1 and P2.

Does anyone know what the memory address is for this in Street Fighter II’ Turbo (romset sf2tj)?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: oops, wrong topic!


Some old dictator (not super version of dictator) tactics in HSF2. Guess most of it can be applied to ST as well:



The new HSF2 has 102 characters. WW 4 boss characters and Shin Akuma.


Ultra Street Fighter II.


Yes, now we can finally see which characters are more broken.

Anyone wanna see some World Warrior Dictator VS Champion Edition Dictator!!! So broken:



Anyone hear of a random jp voice by Chun li saying the spinning bird kick?
This happened while I was using STO Dictator and the opponent was HF ken.

It happened in a long set last night.