Hyper Street Fighter IV - Which characters would be viable?

My friend had a thought. What if the next update to SF4 were a “Hyper” edition. Hyper SF2 allowed you to choose from each version of a character (i.e. SF2, CE, ST, etc), so what if they did this for SF4? Which characters would be viable in an environment where you could pick any version of them, SF4, Super, AE or 2012 (and 2013 maybe?)

I think some choices are obvious, like AE Yun, AE Yang and SF4 Sagat, but who else would be viable in tournaments, and which would be the preferred versions of characters?

SF4 Akuma this is a character that has repeatedly received nerfs from Vanilla onwards and somehow managed to be one of the best characters in every version.

Some characters would flat out be broken if you did that. Vanilla Viper, Vanilla Seth, Vanilla Akuma, Vanilla Sagat would quite simply crap on every other character in the entire game.

Now a Super/AE/AE2012/Hyper might actually be balanced. But you simply can’t include Vanilla.

it would be a mess

vanilla vipers & vanilla seths destroying everyone with bullshit until they trade with vanilla sagat’s dp and lose 70% life.

Can you imagine the amount of Vanilla Cammy + Akuma users?..

I would be able to annoy people with Rose’s U2 again ? :smiley:
But in a way I dont think it would be fair for some characters: Evil Ryu and Oni comes to my mind since they didn’t get a lot of versions of them. And both didn’t really get anything significant that makes them a lot better than before (specially Oni)

Vanilla Akuma would be rampant with the HK being practically safe all the time and whirly-bird corner escape. Vanilla Sagat’s damage would still be hilarious. Vanilla Cammy gets back her instant air dive kick, but her normals go back to being suck. Vanilla Seth gets his annoying arms back, but is a bit more of a paper weight and loses the very useful U2.

As a Gouken player, I want his dive kick hitting overhead back along with all the damage with backtoss + U1. Shame he’d lose all the useful buffs he’s received.

Lmfao is the rumors are true and your friend called it

if this turns out to not be fake pics, you guys are prophets

Just because there might be a HSF4 doesn’t mean it will allow you to use any character. I don’t have a clue what that means though.

Im pretty sure they are fake pics. There is a rolento one and he doesnt fit the a style art wise.

damn that would suck if it was a hoax

Yeah the Rolento one was the one that made me think twice. Like they wouldn’t even bother to change the shading from SFxT to match SF4 style? C’mon now.

This is a big patch so i’m not really sure what is happening.

That Alex picture is a fake, Kings jump heavy punch and Alex’s down jump heavy are almost the same animation. In Alex’s hyper bomb he does a back suplex this is the same that is done when king does his counter he does just about that same suplex. Im convinced that the Alex in that picture is actually king. Does anyone agree with me?

My hopes and dreams are falling apart

Ono confirmed a while ago that the hyper image was fake, I made a thread about it: Ono debunks "Hyper SF4" image as fake

Omg, how can we forget vanilla GIEF!

Boooooooo to no " hyper" edition. AE Fei and Vanilla Gief all day baby.