Hyper Street Fighter IV?

So is this stuff fake or what?

If this is real, so help me god because alot of you will be eating hyper bombs for breakfast!

I personally hope it’s true. This game could use some new characters. :slight_smile:

^^^ so that we can complain about more characters that are not tourney top8 worthy?

  1. More characters = increase of longevity of the game
  2. Remember when SSF4 came out? It was better balanced than SF4. More characters doesn’t always mean worse balance.

Elena and Rolento was also leaked I’m thinking it’s fake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCe8ai8qB5o

It would be easy to photoshop SFxT/TvC graphics into SF4 pics.

BUT it would also be easy (and believable) for Capcom to copy+paste said chars from SFxT/TvC into SF4 to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of SF4, which is July 18th.

Game won’t matter at all unless it has Q.

After the “Poison in SSF4” mod there was a hint at new characters being in the next version of SSF4 from Ono.
The video is obviously fake, if there was a Hyper SF announcement today there’d be news on it already being EVO weekend and all.

I do wonder what Ono wants to announce at Evo though.

No Poison no service.

It was a Rolento in SSF4 mod not poison:

Capcom won’t be making their announcement until the final day anyway. Whatever it is, we’ll know for sure in the next 48 hours or so.

Unless Ono is announcing an announcement like he is won’t to do.

fuck all that, Gimme some urien so i can tackle tackle headbutt RX Style

Says Alex but has Hugo. Capcom would have got that right.

No way they’d add Urien if they’re trying to get rid of unblockables

Urien style unblockables wouldn’t work in SF4 anyway.

why do you have to crush my hopes :frowning:

but yeah i see your point Urien’s whole gameplan revolved around unblockables and juggles so he wouldnt work in this game anyway.but i would drop dudley fast for urien

I just want Q.

You can google trad it, Ono says he never saw that. Just wait guys

Urien would suck since the game doesn’t have 3S style left-right unblockables thanks to absolute guard…

a fast non-shitty rolento would be nice…