Hyper Street Fighter Zero (Codes+Secrets+Extra Stuff)


You can but it’s different than A2 Gold. I don’t know the codes off the top of my head but you might want to run a search on Gamefaqs. Look up the Arcade version of Alpha 2.


There is also the option to change the BGM. It’ll make it so that it always plays player 1’s BGM or player 2’s. Or you can set it to random.


its still 2(you/cpu) on 1(cpu)

all the games(cept pocker fighter) seem to come with dat feature, i tested this morning


How do you get to it?


It’s at the very bottom of the Random Player or Random Mode menu. It’s one of those.


***Charlie’s Somersault Kick in the air from Vs. games

If it hasn’t been mentioned before, Charlie has his Somersault Kick that you do from the air that originally started in Xmen vs Street Fighter.

To do the move= fireball motion + kick in the air.

And dan’s marvel hadoukens are funny :smiley:

I wonder what other marvel moves do players have?


*****Dan’s super specials and 2 taunt moves

Dan has some funnyass taunt specials in Marvel-ism.

His first one is fireballmotion,fireballmotion + taunt
(Does no damage)

His second super special taunt is reversefireballmotion,reversefireballmotion + taunt, then it’s like being in V-ism and you can press different punches and kicks to do different taunts (You won’t be able to attack), and he has a different taunt if press the original taunt button (select).

He also has a taunt which i’m not sure is in the other Alpha games.

Fireballmotion + taunt
Reversefireballmotion + taunt

Which will make Dan roll forward/backword and taunt.

****Juni also has a divekick in Marvel-ism which i’m not sure is in the other/orginal isms.

Jump forward, at peak, down+MK


is it at all possible to make a strat section for this ???


ok guys im having problems doing some of these codes, but i have the japanese version. do i need the american one to do it? i cant do the following:

running battle on PF
dramatic survival
random battle verses whatever

i cant get these to work, can someone help me out?


^Hold the buttons at the start screen, then use start to choose the game mode.


You can do both Dan super taunts in Alpha 3 A-Ism. But you need a full super bar for the custom super taunt.


I don´t know if someone already posted this but: I was playing around with HSFZ and I test that “Custom Corner Whiff” from Best Kind Boxer wich is like this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DcB1T5_uaRo&search=Chun%20Li%20Hyper%20Street%20Fighter%20Alpha%20Anthology%20Custom

BUT the Costum Combo can work in the corner the deal is: in midle screen or any other area other than corners the CC´s work just like in A2 but in HSFZ if you try to apply Valle CC´s (ex: c.HK into several DP´s) only the first DP will connect without problems and the 2nd and 3rd DP´s will most likelly miss, so the trick is quite simple: all you need to do to aplly all the DP´s in corner is perform the DP´s FASTER, like: you turn CC´s on then connect c.HP into DP LP and right after you hit the opponent with your DP LP: perform other DP LP BEFORE your character land his feet in the ground, and in order to connect the 3rd DP do the same system and perform the move while you character is on air with his DP LP.

So the deal to connect all the moves and don´t Whiff is: in the corner in order to the CC combos work and do not Whiff DP´s all you need to do is perform the DP´s faster (while your character is still on the DP ANIMATION)

sorry if someone allready posted this, if not: then this could be something usefull.


So, is it confirmed that Hyper Alpha in the US version doesnt have color edit? Did the Japanese release have color edit? (note, I can get color edits in other games, but not the hyper alpha game, which is the game of choice)

As somebody who never really played alpha before, its nice having this huge game to learn from “scratch”


Someone else will probably have to test this, but I have an idea. From what you’ve said it sounds like you have to respect A3’s neutral states in the corner to avoid the wall juggle limit. A3 has a wall juggle limit right? Where if they hit the corner and you reach a neutral state you only get one more juggle. Well, in A3 you cancel just as you land with DP’s to avoid a neutral state and that’s exactly like you discribed. Why it would be like this I don’t know, but it sounds like it could be.


After playing this game a little extensively…

  1. Its broken
  2. Very unbalanced…worse than A3
  3. Should not be considered for tournament

The ISM that breaks the game… CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION!


A little extensively and you come up with less explanation than most of the people that have been messing with shit non-stop? Some more words, or even a single paragraph on how you came to these conclusions would be good, especially when peeps were crying “CE is broke” 10 pages ago.


Well 1 if you want explanations then I can give them to you. 2 I havent skimed through this thread at all so I was just making a statement, but once again if you want me to explain in detail then sure…
Damage/ High stun/ Priority/ No guard Bar
nuff said…
Top tier A3 either cant hang with them or have ridiculus trouble. They get guard broken for free!
I dont dislike the game at all, I like Hyper Alpha! When I said about it not being tourny worthy I meant official but other than that I wouldnt mind Hyper Alpha side tourny!



^Eat X-Ism damage, no recovery, whiffing normals… Just some things that make them not as broken as you say they are.


Do some more home work my friend :wgrin: … they have very little priority and range on their normals…


Zangief c.fr vs. A3 Version
Dhalsim c.fr vs. A3 Version
M.Bison (US) c.jb vs.A3 Version

They all whiff at max range.


I don’t know why people are arguing about HSFA mode being unbalanced, its supposed to be more fun, it is ridiculous to assume that you could make it fair in ANY way considering different versions of the same characters will naturally be weaker.