Hyper Street Fighter Zero (Codes+Secrets+Extra Stuff)


^^I’m not putting my money anywhere near my mouth but I look forward to seeing the footage of that.


an amazing collection

I got Dramatic Survival and The random mode working last night, was playing for hours. Any last complaints of this port that I may have had are gone. This is the best collection I have ever seen. Amazing.


Dramatic Survival huh? How’d you get it to work?


I tryed the code that people posted about Dramatic Survival but didnt work in my version (I have the Jap DVD version)
Does that works only for Alpha 3 Upper or something? or does work for Alpha 2/Zero 2 as well?


As far as I know I have only tried 3 and 3 Upper. I haven’t tried 1 or 2 yet.


Ho… I see, if you find anything about that code for A2/Z2 please post (I never really play A3)


Is that the 6-characters version? With Balrog and all that? Remember also that Adon was technically a boss at one point.

Or maybe it’s the onethat goes {All SF1} {All FF} {All SF2} etc


The Boss course goes like this.

Evil Ryu(random ism)
Shin Akuma (random ism)

The other alternate course I think is like what you said.


Dramatic Survival Code

Dramatic Survival works for Alpha 3 upper and Alpha 1. I havent bothered with the others but I suspect they work. When you play Dramatic Survival you fight ALL the characters , not just the bosses. Its deceiving in Alpha 3 because once you enter the code, the course still starts with Adon. But after a few rounds the regular characters start showing up, including the new characters like Fei long.

To do the code, press start at the start menu. Then on the menu for game modes (versus, arcade, survival) highlight Dramatic. Press X then press triangle and R2 at the same time very quickly OR press X + triangle + R2 all at the same time. Pressing and holding triangle and R2 before you press X wont work. Thats what makes this code tricky. The other thing that was annoying for me was that I had not built an R2 button into my arcade stick… :frowning:

This same codes activates the perpetual random mode for the versus modes in all alpha’s in the compilation. Just highlight versus on any game and do the code. So if you just want to play the classic characters in Alpha 3 all night long, you can. Personally I am hooked on Alpha 1 dramatic survival, there is nothing like dual Akuma action.

BTW - I AM USING THE US VERSION. I have not tested the Japanese version


Okay I have looked for this in here and haven’t found it. If it somebody has answered it already I am sorry, but I need to know what I need to do to make Alpha 2 arcade perfect. I know Alpha 3 is 07/27 or whatever, but what is it for alpha 2? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.


From what I’ve seen, Blue S-ISM does not allow option-select parrying. I’ll test it some more.

Can someone else confirm?


How can it not? That’s like… impossible? It might not seem as apparent because the parry window isn’t as big, but I don’t see how it prevent option selecting.

The whole technique behind option select parrying is that you input a parry before you do something right? How can the game predict you are going to do something after the parry attempt and prevent the parry?

Of course, we don’t know the exact frame info for parry (does returning to neutral make the parry window bigger? How long does the tap and hold forward window last? etc) but I don’t see how the game can stop it from happenning (even though it might not be as good or apparent)


You can parry most attacks, besides overheads either high or low.


Fixed it for you. :wgrin:


I know you can parry lots of things low. What I’m saying is that I don’t think you can option select a parry with an attack.

I’ll try some more testing.

Edit: Well…maybe you can. I think maybe I was just hella rusty. My bad. The timing seems tight, but I had been taking a break from SF, so I dunno.

I think I’m gonna test some Ken stuff. Makes me wish I knew more about Ken across various games.

Blue S-ISM Ken doesn’t have kick super (pretty sure…guh). Sorry, kids.


This game is Hella fun! We always get together on thursdays for fight night. Usually playing 3rd Strike. But we popped HSFZ and wound up going at it all night. Blueism Feilong vs blueism ken OMG!! BEEFY Parry punch festival. Anyone have a break down of the isms. Like whats involved in each …like parry,air fireball, Evil characters…ect


What all marvelish can I do besides move and super can I get some rom inf or something. Or just an airel rave, also are these alphas arcade perfect?


I was goofing around this morning, selecting Dhalsim, when I hit start on the game select menu and Alpha and Alpha 2 Gold turned blue. A quick visit to GameFAQs to look at secret stuff from those games leads me to this (sorry if this is already posted somewhere, but damn theres like 10 threads and I didn’t see it in the wiki).

Some characters can select special versions from the alpha games by holding start when selecting a game. The titles of one or more games will then turn either blue or red to indicate the special version. Hold start while selecting that game to get the special version.

Seems like everyone who had an Old Style in SFA2G can select that. Dhalsim looks like he might have his old style from Alpha 2 (I can’t tell the difference between that and the A2G version right quick). Chun has 2 special versions of A2G (red and blue titles of the game).

Someone else confirm this stuff please. I gotta go to work.


Do you meen attacking after parrying? If so, you can canel once they’ve left their hit frames and are in their recovery frames.


Yeah in the original A2 theres different codes for characters to get different versions of them, I think they’re EX/Classical versions.

Also this is how you get Shin Akuma, if you haven’t noticed.