Hyper Street Fighter Zero (Codes+Secrets+Extra Stuff)


Fixed it for you. :wgrin:


I know you can parry lots of things low. What I’m saying is that I don’t think you can option select a parry with an attack.

I’ll try some more testing.

Edit: Well…maybe you can. I think maybe I was just hella rusty. My bad. The timing seems tight, but I had been taking a break from SF, so I dunno.

I think I’m gonna test some Ken stuff. Makes me wish I knew more about Ken across various games.

Blue S-ISM Ken doesn’t have kick super (pretty sure…guh). Sorry, kids.


This game is Hella fun! We always get together on thursdays for fight night. Usually playing 3rd Strike. But we popped HSFZ and wound up going at it all night. Blueism Feilong vs blueism ken OMG!! BEEFY Parry punch festival. Anyone have a break down of the isms. Like whats involved in each …like parry,air fireball, Evil characters…ect


What all marvelish can I do besides move and super can I get some rom inf or something. Or just an airel rave, also are these alphas arcade perfect?


I was goofing around this morning, selecting Dhalsim, when I hit start on the game select menu and Alpha and Alpha 2 Gold turned blue. A quick visit to GameFAQs to look at secret stuff from those games leads me to this (sorry if this is already posted somewhere, but damn theres like 10 threads and I didn’t see it in the wiki).

Some characters can select special versions from the alpha games by holding start when selecting a game. The titles of one or more games will then turn either blue or red to indicate the special version. Hold start while selecting that game to get the special version.

Seems like everyone who had an Old Style in SFA2G can select that. Dhalsim looks like he might have his old style from Alpha 2 (I can’t tell the difference between that and the A2G version right quick). Chun has 2 special versions of A2G (red and blue titles of the game).

Someone else confirm this stuff please. I gotta go to work.


Do you meen attacking after parrying? If so, you can canel once they’ve left their hit frames and are in their recovery frames.


Yeah in the original A2 theres different codes for characters to get different versions of them, I think they’re EX/Classical versions.

Also this is how you get Shin Akuma, if you haven’t noticed.


None of that. And so far all the games are arcade perfect.


Am I the first one to talk about tiers. ok here it is(w/o shin chars)

  1. CE Sagat
  2. Ryu, Guile, Gief, bison
  3. All the other CE chars, cause they suck
  4. P-rose, cause she is a beast.

everyone else sux…cept for maybe dark stalkers blanka and sim


If people become proficiant at GS-Ism infinites any version of Sagat’s going to get raped.

^Also why would sucky characters be in third?

I didn’t get your post one bit.


^ he’s saying they’re sucky CE characters… but they’re still tops because ANY CE character will pwn everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Green-ism is probably the most underrated right now. For a classic SF game without dash, push block and free alpha counters is pretty big.

P-Rose? Do you mean SF3 rose or CE rose?


You can’t parry overheads? Can you select Shin M. Bison in Hyper SFA? I tried the holding start method to select alternate characters but “Alpha 3” did not turn blue.



SF3 Rose looks pretty nasty. The parry helps out her ground game quite a bit, and mixed in with her cr strong, it is really really good. Not to mention, she has long range atacks that she can use after a parry–meaning she can punish parries from almost 1/2 screen (the st roundhouse has almost Dhalsim like range). The parry gives her something she doesnt have available in this Ism: a decent anti air. St strong, jab, and cr fierce are good, but she could use extra help in that department. NOt to mention, parry->cr strong->drill->Aura Soul Throw is MAJOR damage (something like 75% of your bar). Her super is perfect for super cancelling, and assuming you cant mash out of it, it is a very good way to let the opponent know that attacking Rose with a super bar is bad.

Alpha 1 Rose is still better, though. Her slide is too good:) Soul Illusion is actually worth a crap, and you can combo after her far reaching cr roundhouse. I wonder if you can still AC in the corner and combo after it (AC->cr jab, cr short, cr roundhouse->lv1 soul throw). Not to mention, her cr strong does have a lot of priority, too:)

Alpha 2/Alpha 2 Gold Rose I am undecided about. She does have the godly cr strong and good CC’s, but it seems the other Ism Rose’s have more tools at their disposal.

DS-Ism Rose doesnt strike me as too terribly threatening. Yes, she gets chains, and although they are somewhat better than the A1 ones she has, there really isnt much she can do with it. Her options are mainly cr jab, cr short, cr forward, cr roundhouse or st roundhouse or st fierce; or cr jab, cr short, cr strong->drill like in S2. But, besides, that, she is still plain A-ism Rose, so she doesnt really gain anything useful. At least with A1 Rose, you dont have a guard meter.

Sorry, too much of a Rose whore here:)


I’ve been having fun with DS-ism Rolento. An alpha counter for free that seems to trade sides? Sweet. But it just sucks he can’t combo into tripwire. <3 CvS2. Ah well. "Marvel"ism Bison is just a pain in the ass to beat, sorta on the level of Cable with that damn super.


Green-Rose has the air chains… So you can jump in and hit high with that nice jump short, and combo on the way down and continue. It’s something at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like DS cody. C.jab, C.short, C.mk, S.FPxxSuper w/the punches. It is tight.


Wow, I have no idea where to put this. Messing around with Parry/SF3-ism in HSFA and here are a few things:

Ridiculous Damage Combo

Use Balrog. Perform a final turn punch (hold 3k for 60 seconds and then release) while charging back. On the hit, cancel into his rush punch super…does 150ish damage…

The reason why the super cancels are awesome IMO in this game is that you can cancel them at ANY point during most special move animation…early or late (so long as the special move is grounded). This means a great many characters are safe now even during high risk specials, because they can cancel into the super at any point during the special’s delay whether the move hits or not up until the point where they can block again. Here are a few consequences of this fact:

T-Hawk: Perform a 3P dive attack that misses. Upon landing into your recovery frames, you can SC at any point of the landing animation into the super grab. With practice, this becomes T-Hawks best setup for the super spinner IMO in the game (do the 3P hawk a little high it will hit, do it just lower so that it whiffs up close, super after you land through any counter pokes).

Karin: Once she has a super bar, she can go counter crazy as now she is relatively unpunishable. Karin can SC the recovery animation for her missed qcb+k counters into her super. What this means is: go for the counter, if they stick out an attack they get countered. If they don’t stick out an attack normally they just pause for a moment and attack Karin in her recovery. If they try that now, all Karin has to do is buffer for the super and cancel into it with one button press from her counter recovery as soon as she sees any movement of the attacker. If they don’t stick out anything, don’t commit to her super; she recovers form the counter and gets to block again.

Rose/Sagat: Cheap anti-air fireball pattern. At about oh 2/3 screens distance away from your opponent, with Rose simply throw her fireball over and over again, and with Sagat throw his low fireball. As they jump over the fireball, SC from your delay animation into the super. In theory no matter how well they time the jump, they will eat the air juggle super because the player throwing the fireball can cancel the delay from the fireball at any point early or late. This is especially bad with Rose, as you can get 71dmg with this tactic (Sagat’s usually juggles for only about 30dmg). Almost unavoidable damage unless you do a well timed V-ism or have an air special like the air hurricane kick or something.

Other cool stuff:

Guy - Perform his QCB+FP from a few steps away. You can cancel the animation before the hit at any point into his super grab. In theory, this allows you to go through attacks into his super grab while increasing the range of the super grab substantially.

Charge Character super cancelling:

Not as hard as you might think. The trick is to just do the motion for the super while quickly pressing the button for the special during the motion at the right point. The timing on the SC’s is so forgiving in this game that you don’t have to be that precise…just quick with the motion.

Some combos:

DeJay - Jump in RK while charging back, st. MP, motion f,LP,B,F+RK quickly. Should be one quick motion will all link.

Guile/Charlie - Harder to do. The trick is to do this motion: charge down back, F+LP, HCB, UB+K. If you do it you will have a quick relase sonic boom almost instantly followed by the super cancel. Can do jump in, Cr.MP, sonic boom, super flashkick and it all links…

Birdie - His charge super can juggle. He can do Jump RK (while charging db), cr. LP, F+LP, B,F+K. The low punch will “knockdown” but then the SC’d super will juggle into a dizzy… Can also do a combo from his 3K charge punch like Balrog where he can SC on the hit.

Sorry if this is all old new, but hey look, I contributed!


and 3s rose can also reverse fireballs really fast. add parry to that and you can take on CE characters…sagat is still hard. reversed CE fireballs take chunks!

Only char i can see taking on sagat is bison. Bison can feirce psycho crusher high tiger shots on reaction, and he can time his scissor kicks to go over low tiger shots but it’s hard and they are gonna be blocked. and head stomp is beast. I think bison has the ill rushing game. Only thing about sagat vs. bison is, sagat can wait for scissors, and fake fireballs. I think he controls the match. anytmie he sees bison in the air he can just uppercut. Also, you can punish the feirce psycho crusher with reversal jab upercut or throw.

I say sagat is beast cause you can’t jump his short tiger shots at 2/3 screen range. and he can lock u down in the corner with them.
Plus, his tiger knee goes through fireballs…or over them, w/e.
his tiger knee is toooo fast. and it’s recovery is toooooo good.
so if you combine fireball traps with an instant tiger knee, and a beast jab uppercut…pfft, gg po. Guile, ryu, ken, chun, honda, blanka, sim, have no chance.
basically, you have to guess against sagat.

I think vega is pretty good vs. sagat, but only because of his jump speed. IMO, sagat has a bigger edge.


Anyone remember Jinston?