Hyperbomb usage

Some Alex players are saying that SA2 is better because hyperbomb is too hard to catch since the enemy can just jump up after.

However there is a way to ensure you will definitely caught them. It is the moment when they are landing after a jump.

When your enemy jump at you , you back off a little bit so they aren’t gonna hit you right at your head , but they still think they can hit at your lower body, at this moment ,you do a hyper bomb right BEFORE their feet touch the ground ( which means when the screen turns dark, you should see they haven’t land yet, but almost.) your SA 's invincible moment will neutralized their attack , so when they land , there is no escape for them( they can’t jump anymore) even if they didn’t attack. usually it is too late if you see the enemy is already on the ground since hyperbomb comes out late.

It is a good way to use a hyperbomb as an anti-air move. I personally caught a lot of people with this tactic, I think hyperbomb is not a worthless super that some people may think.

With Hyper Bomb, you’re limiting yourself to high risk with semi-good reward. Plus, what if your opponent figures it out and decides that he’ll stay grounded for the entire match?

Boomerang Raid, again, gives more meter for EX. Better not to limit yourself with high-risk when you’ve got all those other nifty options like EX Flash Chop, Slash Elbow, Air Stampede…yadda yadda yadda.

One situation for sa1 to work ‘most of the time’… sa2 ftw… simple man more options… I would rather use sa3 over sa1. Duralath… you play at mpc eh?

Yeah. I’m the scrub who ends up killing time by score whoring on the cab. There’s always something wrong with that cab, though.

I swing by FFA every now and then, though, if I really feel like making the drive.

Too bad nobody worthy of playing would empty jump on an Alex with a stock of Hyper Bomb. :confused:

Who say anything about empty jump? I mentioned whatever the enemy do will be caught by hyper bomb as long as alex 's position is right.

Of course the enemy maybe scared and won’t jump again, and that is not necesary a bad thing, you can still use ex moves too, it is just that the meter won’t hold as much. It 's not like the EX energy will come for free when you choose SA 2 anyway.

Maybe use it as a blow through. Like a risky tick.

Yes, but you hold more and it comes quicker when you choose SA2. As soon as you burn one EX when you’re using SA1, you lose that fear factor of what you could do to your opponent if you landed it.

Your setup requires that you really know your opponent to the point where you’re pretty much reading his controller inputs. It’s just not as safe.

Plus, elaborating on a point that Mechanica made, nobody worthy of playing would choose SA1 Alex unless it was a really casual match.

So all good Alex players in the world use sa2 , am I correct?

Pretty much.
Boomerang raid has the most versatility out of all his supers, and it does good damage to boot.

Some might use stun gun for Hugo, but that’s about it.
If SAI was useful in such a basic way, more people would be using it.

All someone has to do is jump and (gasp) attack, and your SAI will get cancelled.
You say it requires good spacing? What kind of idiot is going to empty jump on you from just the right distance? Lol.

And it does have to be an empty jump or an early poke.
A jump in attack will just nail Alex.

Sorry it doesn’t have to be an empty jump or early poke. It can be any type of jump in… But sa1 sucks… so who cares?

SA1 not suck, even if the enemy made a small mistake( or you parried), you can catch him from far, and that is 50% of his life. sa2 can’t do the same because you have to be so close to them to connect the final throw. You can have one more EX and that is about it. And I think SA2 is even harder to sucessfully hit the enemy unless you combo into it.

Of course my suggestion is for player who likes to use SA1 , I am not trying to made SA2 user to think of using sa1 , maybe we have different way of using Alex.

hyperbob, try and download matches with Alex in them. About 95% of the time, you’ll see the Alex player using SA2. It’s not the high damage, it’s the versatility. Think about it. What if you miss with SA1? You eat damage, that’s what. At least, with SA2, you’re not focused so much on landing the super…you’re utilizing EX.

If it were about damage, then Ken’s Shinryuken would > Shippu. But is this the case? No. Shippu is more versatile and allows more options for Ken. It’s the same with Alex.

…Are you just throwing SA2 out randomly? Lol.
You should always always be comboing into supers.
Standing MK > SAII

You don’t sound like you’re very advanced in your playing man.

In addition to this, SA II allows you to burn meter on ex moves while still keeping the threat of a super while SA I forces you to do one or the other at any given time, again feeding into the whole flexibility thing everyone keeps bringing up.

I don’t randomly use SA2 of course, For example , if a Ken kick me with his standing HK from far,and I parried it , the distance is not close enough to combo the MK with SA2( not all of it) .But with you have a hyperbomb ,then you can catch him.

That isn’t really a worry, then. Alex still has other options off of a parry. Headbutt would work as well, now, wouldn’t it?

The consensus still stands that SA2 > SA1, anyway.

The beauty of SA2 is that you don’t even have to do it. With two meters, you have plenty of EX stock, along with the option of comboing (or, hell, even waking up with) your super. With SA1, you either land the super, or you hope that your meter is scary enough to deter your opponent from playing a certain way.

it’s the goodness of sa1 …
it give yun players 2nd thought against alex .

the most luckiest moment i ever did was randomly parrying a meaty cross-up dive and link into SA1 .

but again though …genei jin …is the shit .

If SA1 did as much damage as it did in SF3:NG, then yeah, MAYBE.

Alex needs EX in High Level game play. So SA2 is a must.

I’ve seen more SA3 users then SA1…