Hypers that delay the "Times Up" at the end of matches


I noticed that with some hypers (the ones with dynamic camera changing animations) you can extend the end of a match. If you end the match with one of these hypers your opponent will continue to take damage and the clock will stay at zero for the duration of the hyper. I made this video to basically list which hypers were applicable to this mechanic.


FWI I didn’t include Joe’s slow mo hyper, Task’s counter hyper, or Wesker’s counter hyper because they were just too slow and didn’t do enough damage to be part of the list.


IIRC, this applies to any move that causes a “catch” state. If it’s impossible to fall out of the attack, then full damage will be applied even if time runs out during the move. This applies not only to catch hypers, but stuff like normal throws as well.

Furthermore, bringing Phoenix down to 0 HP after time runs out while she has 5 bars will cause her to ressurrect, but Dark Phoenix’s newly-restored life bar will not count towards the win decision. In other words, if 1P is down to his last character with 50% HP remaining, and 2P is down to only Phoenix who is killed and revived after time over, 1P will win despite having the lower life total on the HUD.

At least I’m pretty sure this is the case. Been a while since I tested any of it.


i’m pretty sure all level three supers continue to do damage if the clock runs out.


yeah, all level 3’s are immune to timeout.



Except Genmu Zero and For The Princess. They don’t cause capture state.


in testing did you include the fact that even though her bar is full its only considered 400,000 health, or does that not factor in?


Not Arthur’s, or Zero’s and obviously not Jill’s or Shuma/X-23 before they initiate the attack.


It’s done by percentage of total health not how much health left I think.


I knew that any move that cause a capture state (thanks for the new vocabulary I used to just call it dynamic camera) would extend the time. I just left them out for 2 reasons.

  1. The moves that can cause a capture state ( that aren’t hypers) are very quick and do little damage and so it (unless the person slows down the video) is very hard to tell if the clock was really being extended/if any damage was really being done.
  2. Time. This video was already 6 minutes long. If I would have added the non hyper capture state moves it would have been insanely long :frowning:

However thank you for bringing ups the subject :slight_smile: I probably should have at least made a mention of it :frowning: That and I had no idea about the Phoenix thing. I will have to spend some time in the lab to further understand that mechanic.


before I even started watching the video, I thought level three supers.