Hypothetical question: Capcom never makes another SF or VS, what do you do?

Will you keep playing 3S, CVS2, Marvel, ST, etc forever?
Will go back and explore old capcom games that didn’t see as much play like Vampire Saviour?
Will you play new editions of non-SF 2d titles like KOF, NGBC, GG, SS,doujin fighters, and the new Fist of the North Star game?
Will you switch to 3d Fighters?
Will you go where the competitive gaming is, even if it’s not a fighting game? FPS’s?
Will you just quit and move on with your life?

Personally, I’m going to play KOF and GG. I love playing new fighters, when not everything is set in stone. Though you can still make discoveries in old games, the feeling of rapid discovery and development just isn’t there. I miss playing fighting games for the first time. This isn’t to say I don’t like SF anymore, nothing in the entire world would please me more than SF4, but in the mean time, SF3 and CVS2 are getting boring.

EDIT: Rehashes of old games (SFA3 max) do not count.

my thing is tekken and 3d fighters now. i play cvs2 here and there, but with all the characters they have. i just still get bored and its not so fun to me anymore. im tired of seeing ryu, sagat and the rest of the sf, kof crew. the game is good to me, but its just not doing it for me like it used to. i actually got back into playing mvc. i prefer it over mvc2. there arent infinite buddies and its fun to me. seeing as though i guess i didnt get into it when it first came out, but it still kinda lacks. i respect vs game players, because it takes some freaking skill to master that shit and even more skill to use it in regular game play.

i will be slobbing all over that new fist of the north star. i cant wait to get my playstation 2 back. so i can slob over ggxr or wait for slash, and the fotns game, and spend hours again on tekken5. ive been renewed in the past couple months.
3s is intersting still to me, but not that interesting. kof is just trash to me.

so ill be playing the 3d fighters and pretty much anything thats not capcom in the future, if they dont make anything new. they need at least two new titles by this summer or something.

Well, there are these things called books…

Seriously though, I have no expectation that Capcom will ever produce another good fighting game. After CFE I’m not giving Capcom any more money. From now on I’ll just stick with imports of SNK games, and playing rounds of GG games during the load times of SNK’s poorly-optimized games.

Play games from, you know… OTHER COMPANIES? The ones that STILL MAKE FIGHTERS?

I’ll keep playing ST.

3S will keep me going until FotNS comes out, and I just know I’ll be playing that game for a long, long time.

When FotNS dies down, I’d love to see a 2D Guyver game in the same style where Guyvers are shotos etc etc.

Seriously I’ll probably end up doing all the above apart from leaving for another scene and playing the 3D crew.

I’m an SNK gamer tried and true…so I kinda could give 2 shits what Capcom does…I’ve got NGBC and other games to play…and I play the big three bc they are tournament games in the states, but other than that it doesnt kill me to sit back and wonder about where Capcom is headed.

I’ll just keep making Mugen Games better than what Capcom puts out

Yes, Marvel.
No, just keep playing marvel.

2D Guyver, with high-res sprites, and ultra smooth animation = god game.

Its not really a hypothetical question because we all know capcom will never make another 2d fighter

I never even liked 3s and cvs2 in the first place. I played GGX2 today, most fun I’ve had in weeks. Pot’s PB S,S DP+HS HCB+HS on a chipp player who’s never felt it before is approximately the sweetest thing ever.

I’ll still play whatever I like. That is, Garou, SS2, ST, MVC2, SSBM, TTT, 3S, VS, VF4 Evo (haven’t played Final Tuned), GGX2 (haven’t played Reload or Slash), and some others that I like. I’ll play 2D, 3D, or even 4D fighters, as long as I find them fun (and have some comp). Yeah, Capcom is done for with their fighters, and I think that the chance of seeing SF4 is about the same as the chance of seeing Duke Nukem Forever. Now if only SNKP and ArcSystems (whoever makes GG games, I know it’s not Sammy) start advertising their stuff, than I’m in. I hope that VF5 ends up being awesome (it pretty much will, but rumors of a dodge button make me feel skeptical). The point: I’ll play what I like, when I like. That’s the point of games, right?

I’ll keep playing 3s, and a little CvS2 here and there. I’ll probably get into ST and if all comes to worse…I’ll pick up MvC2.

I’ll go back to playing Joy Mecha Fight, fools


Marvel for life and Smash Brothers Revolution.:cool:


tekken soul calibur and the occasional rehashes that have “SOMETHING” new…tag battle or so mething…

I’ll just keep playin’ MvC2 and 3S and play the newest version of Tekken.

if capcom never made another sf i would just keep playing3rd strike