Hypothetical Scenario With the Legal system & Soceity

Had a really long debate with a friend about this earlier and was curious to get SRKs opinion…

Ok lets say there existed some brilliant Hannibal lector type serial killer. After decades of getting away with murders scott free, in his old age(lets say 68’ish) he gets bored and decides to concoct an ultimate test to see the legal system’s limits and of society.

After committing horrific murders in one area he proceeds, through some type of elaborate manipulation, to trick a cop/detective into illegally entering the house where all the evidence is(stacked bodies, vids, pictures, etc). There is no mistake that he is the guy however, due to illegal search & seizure laws, its all 100% inadmissible in court. They can’t charge him with anything and he walks free.

Afterwards he takes steps to arrange a “leak” of some sort, and various vids & photos of those killings get out. It becomes incredibly widespread and common knowledge all over. Everywhere this dude goes there is literally not one person who does not know who he is and what he has done.

Now in this scenario there exists no chance of going back and investigating for evidence of older murders as he was too good at covering his tracks. There will be no instances of vigilantism either with those taking the law into their own hands(it simply never occurs, for whatever reason). Lastly, he is done killing and there is no chance of catching him in future acts.

Now this guy is not going to hide or change his identity or anything like that. He is just going to go about his “retirement” where he lives in plain sight. All the while mainstream society is in an uproar, demanding justice, people near his area don’t feel safe, etc.

Its entirely up to the legal system. In this scenario what if anything, however unlikely, could be done here? Would society really have no choice but to take it?

if a society is based solely on rigid definitions, then yes. There is absolutely nothing these people can do.

What would Dexter do…?

I would imagine if such a case happened, then it would go to the supremist of courts, which would over turn the laws or this being “exceptional” circumstances have him executed