Hypothetical ST mod for SF4


We’ve had gameplay mods for SF4 PC version for a while now:

I’m surprised noone’s attempted a ST-ish mod for it. Strip out all the non SF2 characters, remove ultras, FA, dashing, EX moves. Try and tweak the physics and speed to match ST. Try to get framedata somewhat close to ST, considering the differences between 3D animation and 2D animation, etc.

It won’t be exactly the same, but you should be able to get pretty close, depending on just how moddable SF4 is. Maybe you don’t have that much control over everything, dunno.


That’s a pretty cool idea!


It would be so cool if someone did that!


lock out the ultras and the focus attacks and leave the rest…and you have something


Can the SF4 mod be ST with EX moves instead?


I would love to see more sensible mods for the PC in general. Stuff like this would be great. Even a mod that increased the speed of the game would be cool.


…I’m not trying to hate on the idea, but why not just play ST? :-/


So instead of playing ST you are playing sort-of ST with ugly 3D models. What’s the point?


but, but… absurd mods and pregnant violent oni sakura aren’t enough for you?

seriously: ST would be kind of complicated and pointless to port over when you can play ST itself. how about something simple like adding air blocking?


a good idea, but not very feasible. whoever mods sf4 to play like st has their work cut out for them.


But SF4 looks stupid, the models are retarded. Worse than HDR artwork. I’d rather not.


nice one polarity


It would be a neat idea, just to see how different the gameplay is when you strip it down to its bare mechanics. You won’t be getting ST-heads playing the game anytime soon, but it would be a fun little project.


@ the very least, you can mod sf4 to show Capcom what a good game looks like.


Mod the game to be more like Alpha 3. I love that game, despite its problems, because like 3s, as much as i didn’t like it, but it is growing on me, showed evolutionary steps in street fighter. Where its no longer a simple fundamental game, but a game that expands options. That guilty gea- I mean 3s character Tweleve is what we should see more of, as well as new systems. Not appeasing to the people driving cars looking at their rear view mirror, but trying to garner new fans, and make every game a different experience. Even though at its very core, SF4 is a solid game, compared to 3s and Alpha 3, it certainly is a de-evolution in street fighter, when it was becoming something so much better.


Instead of doing a ST exact copy make your dream sfiv with ugly animations. Desk did it with some characters and it looked fun.
But yeah taking all the bs and making it faster would be cool and X-ism like sfa2 would be nice too.




shoutouts to you!


Easier said than done. AFAIK, we still don’t know where the reversal window is stored (not THAT hard to figure out, but not trivial either) and hitboxes haven’t completely been deciphered yet either. Also, there would have to be a way to make the camera zoom out less to simulate small stages.

Not to mention that it quite hard to implement some of STs greatest features, namely: random input windows, random damage and stun, varied stage speeds, and everyone’s favourite - frame skips which leave you wondering whether or not you just missed your reversal or the game was just being ghey.


SF4’s graphics are far worse than ST. I can prove this with science.