Hypothetical Street Fighter movie casting


So, I saw a picture of Hulk Hogan earlier and thought he would make a good Gouken (if you were totally disrespecting your source material).

Just wondering who would play the best characters if there was a film made about the SF4 series. I’m also taking bets on how often Tom Hardy turns up. That guys in everything now.


Owen Wilson = Ken


-Abel would be played by the guy he’s based on, Fedor Emelianenko.
-Viper would be played by Angelina Jolie because they have the same facial features.
-Cammy… Scarlet Johansson maybe?
-Wrestler Rey Mysterio would be El Fuerte.


Jackie Chan as Ryu
Silvester Stallone as Cammy
Eddie Murphy as Akuma, and Oni
and Vin Diesel gets to be Balrog. Either one.



as bison


Bruce Lee as Fei Long.

Wait a minute…


I would cast unknowns all across the board. Particularly an actual gymnast for Cammy.


Sadly, Raul Julia is dead so there can never be another Bison.


John goodman as rufus
vin diesel as sagat
Jackie chan as dan
lawrence fishburne as balrog


miley cyrus would make a pretty boss Makoto

nikki minaj as elena

thats all I got for now…



Then Hugo (Played by Andre the Giant) attacks him from behind. Leading into yet another feud.

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why do you think we want it here LOL :lol:
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Justin Chatwin for Sagat.


I think Jackie Chan should reprise his role as Chun Li from City Hunter.


I’m not saying it’s a good thread. I’m just saying that it doesn’t belong in FGD.

Raul Julia died to bring you Street Fighter The Movie. Respect his memory. :sad:


KaxBlastard as …



RedRapper as …




Mike Tyson as Balrog, with ear biting Ultra


Dana Snyder as Sasquatch