Hypothetical Street Fighter movie casting

John goodman as rufus
vin diesel as sagat
Jackie chan as dan
lawrence fishburne as balrog

miley cyrus would make a pretty boss Makoto

nikki minaj as elena

thats all I got for now…


Then Hugo (Played by Andre the Giant) attacks him from behind. Leading into yet another feud.

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why do you think we want it here LOL :lol:
This thread gets created every year!
2011 - Hypothetical Street Fighter Live-Action Casting
2010 - A Great Idea

Justin Chatwin for Sagat.

I think Jackie Chan should reprise his role as Chun Li from City Hunter.

I’m not saying it’s a good thread. I’m just saying that it doesn’t belong in FGD.

Raul Julia died to bring you Street Fighter The Movie. Respect his memory. :sad:

KaxBlastard as …



RedRapper as …



Mike Tyson as Balrog, with ear biting Ultra

Dana Snyder as Sasquatch

I’d have JCVD reprise his role as Guile.

Man, I wish RockB could have all these douche bags lined up along some whack staircase. I guess he could put on some boxing gloves and punch all these tards down the stairs instead of slapping them.

Like a…what the fuck is that word? audition! Yeah, RockB as Balrog.

p.s. My cat is a badass. This little kitten we got man, he just ran up the slider screen door after a fly. When he got half way up the thing the fly flew away from the door and Phantom leaped out after it. Claws wide, mouth open and he busted the super wall jump. Over the dog and her bed, he landed about 5 feet from the door. I think it confused him…

I invoke my 90’s persona and reply that Steven Seagal will fulfill his legacy in the role of DAN HIBIKI!

My suggestions:

Jean-Claude Van Damme …Colonel William F. Guile

Raul Julia …General M. Bison

Ming-Na …Chun-Li Zang

Damian Chapa …Ken Masters

Kylie Minogue …Lieutenant Cammy

Simon Callow …A.N. Official

Roshan Seth …Dr. Dhalsim

Wes Studi …Victor Sagat

Byron Mann …Ryu Hoshi

Grand L. Bush …Balrog
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo …E. Honda

Jay Tavare …Vega

Andrew Bryniarski …Zangief
Gregg Rainwater …T. Hawk

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. …Dee Jay

Robert Mammone …Carlos Blanka
Kenya Sawada …Captain Sawada
Gerry Day …Lab Guard
Sander Vanocur …GNT News Anchor
Adrian Cronauer …A.N. Forces D.J.
David Green …MP Guard
Kenzo Tsujimoto …A.N. Commander

Edward R. Pressman …Lonely Cook
Ray Swenson …Bison’s Architect
Joe Bugner …Bison’s Torturer
Brian Moll …Bison’s Scientist
Maria Dickson …Bison’s Scientist
Norman Steiner …Bison’s Scientist
Andrew Cottgrove …Bison Trooper
Seng Kawee …Waiter
Kamilyn Kaneko …A.N. Soldier
David De Souza …A.N. Soldier
Scott Rosen …A.N. Soldier
Renzo Colla …Studio News Anchor
Ric Curnow …Studio News Anchor
Efthymios Kallos …Studio News Anchor
Alex Ivacheff …Studio News Anchor
Maow Krungvong …Studio News Anchor
Françoise Le Cosset …Studio News Anchor
Saleh Saqoaf …Studio News Anchor
Rosanna Wong …Studio News Anchor
Christine M. Walton …Bison Computer (voice)

Darcy LaPier …Guile’s Date
Jeri Barchilon …Blanka’s Date

I think that is really the only cast that makes sense to me.

Just can’t imagine any one other than Chris Walton being Bison’s computer voice, she just defines the role so well.

And Seng Kawee as the inept assassin/waiter…just owns the role.

Daigo as Ryu.
Tokido as Akuma.

i’ve noticed walton hasn’t done any work since street fighter. maybe she was black balled from the industry??

and seng was awesome as shouting soldier in brokedown palace

how unoriginal can you be to suggest the person who was obviously the inspiration for the character to play them?