Hypothetically, would you want CvS3 in 2D or 3D? (Poll)

How would you want Capcom vs SNK 3 to be made? After playing KoFXIII, +1 for 2D.

we will never get sprites again from capcom

this thread is pointless :coffee:

We don’t even know if we’ll ever see CvS2 OE. Let alone CvS3.

If it does happen, obviously I vote for 2D sprites but whatever…

Vampire is 2D. Those MvC3 models have no soul.

“HYPOTHETICALLY”. Your post was pointless.

And even still, I don’t feel it’s far fetched at all.

Please don’t quote me, I don’t want to be reminded that I ever posted in this thread

EDIT: twice now…DAMNIT

well since KOF XIII was in 2d ( somewhat) all they really have to do is match up capcom sprites using the same method.
albeit it took a really long time to do and animate it i would love to see that happen.

IMO KOFXII looks goegeous and all the hand drawn aspect of it makes it look unique for this day and age.
but to the normal cunsumer per say it may look dated ( which saddens me to no extent cause 2d is always good IMO)
if both companies made the same effort at making both animations for the game it would be amazing!


or if they did go with 3D i wish it would look something like what they did with the NARUTO or DBZ games.
which it looks cell shaded but with shinkiro’s artwork… that would look legit!

Fuck 3D Models for 2D Plane Fighting Games.

Im sorry but well drawn 2D Sprites will always look sexier then a good 3D Model.

Even some old games look better then the 3D model fighting games we’ve had here today.

Im also pissed Magento hands dont make this illusion anymore.

Dont get me started on Darkstalkers / Vampire Savior Characters.

But hey we all have a specific taste, just hope Capcom will decide to take some time and try making some sick Sprites again for any of there future Fighting games…For CVS3 if it comes.

Lets not worry about if its gonna be 2D or 3D.

Everyone just sign here, if you want it to come. Then if it happens we should worry about this.

CvS3 Petition Thread. ( This should be sticked just like DarkStalkers One)


A) It looks better
B) It robs Capcom of one more excuse not to use ggpo netcode

Seeing how great the KOF 13 sprites look, I’ll say 2d.

They still do. You just have to look closely. I didn’t notice at first either.