Hyundai takes on Ford's 5.0 v8 with their own

The 429 HP 5.0 V8 made by Hyundai will be in the new Genesis Sedan and the upcoming flagship Equus coupled with their all new 8 speed auto. That’s fucking impressive by the South Korean automaker which no one expected to be such a success. And I’m sure that it being Hyundai, us average Joe’s can afford one of these too!

There’s even rumors that the new 5.0 would be in the 2012 model year Genesis Coupe. If so… O_O!!!

I’m definitely saving up for a Hyundai.

Something tells me a souped-up flat six would be a better fit for that Hyundai. That, or they could roll out an all-electric supercar and call it the Mishima.

Both Hundai and Kia are doing well. The Kia Forte coup already looks really competative up against the Civic SI and Mazda Miata. If later models get even better they could get worried.

The new Mustang engine puts out more power than Ford says it does. Hyundai is doing some great things with their cars, but I think it will take a lot more than just a solid engine to take down the king of the pony cars.

If it’s an efficient running car than it already has a heads up on Ford.



Amazing review of the Hyundai Equus. God damn I want…

camaro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rustang all day. and damn talk about about the return of big bad naturally aspirated v8’s and v6

Actually the 2011 Mustang > Camaro. The V6 AND the V8 on the Ford is better as well as suspension and brakes.

Motor Trend compares the all new Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, and Gen Coupe.

“We pit Ford’s all-new Mustang V-6 against its natural rivals, the Chevy Camaro RS and the Dodge Challenger SE, but we throw a wildcard in to the mix – the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track. Which one will come out on top?”


The V6 Stang is very impressive, finally. The new engine design is really impressive - it puts out almost as much power as the outgoing GT. I really don’t think you can get much more bang for the buck.

honestly, i thought the OP was a spam bot

Is it because I don’t have an av?

so comparing a 2010 car to a 2011 is whats hot now. and lol @ a v6 challenger in the mix and lol @ motor trend

no… but srk has been hit by adbots hyping up products lately but trying to make it sound like real posts

The Camaro and Challenger don’t have any significant changes coming in 2011, IIRC… the Mustang was released pretty early for a 2011 model, also.

They only reviewed what was available at the time. 2011 Camaro, Challenger, and Gen Coupe isn’t out yet.

Damn. I’d definitely save up for that one. Looks like its time for me to find 2 jobs.

Maybe its because both kia and hyundai don’t usually make cars that stand out but I can’t think of a single good car they make. They are all boring and dull. This car just looks ugly, it has a flat face and squeeky eyes. If you want a cool, reliable car just get a Nissan.

With no R34, Z32, and S15 available, Nissan sucks. Their post 2000’s cars are hideous as fuck.